For Individuals

Mac & Cheese (M&C) helps you find your tribe, expand your horizons, and feel full, mainly through in-person offerings. Think adult summer-camp and the opposite of every horrible networking event you’ve ever attended.

M&C offers opportunities for people who want to grow their community and themselves without resorting to oft-disheartening paths such as stuffy networking events, online dating sites, classes that screech to a halt after the class ends, and life coaches whose own lives don’t reflect what they preach.

You can find upcoming opportunities in which to dip your toe, or to leap if that’s where you’re at (YES! Just do it!), on the calendar.

You can find specifics about how you can dip or leap by clicking on the various opportunities under Offerings up top. If you’re brand new to the M&C world, Idea Potluck, Minglers, and the Life of Yes℠ Workshop are great places to start. The FAQ page is also a good place to poke around (referral list upon referral list!).

To see the variety of folks who make their way to M&C, check out some of the Cheese-Its. Hope you join the tribe!