Life of Yes℠ Travel

Does below sound appealing?

  • Travel
  • Travel with others
  • Travel with others who won’t mind if you choose alone time over people time
  • Travel with new low-key, friendly, yes’y type people
  • Majority of travel logistics taken care of by someone else
  • A majority decision-less vacation
  • Opportunities for reflection and personal growth led by experienced, warm, living their best lives facilitators (one of whom is dubbed “Accessible Oprah”)

Want to travel but don’t have people with whom to travel and aren’t feeling the solo thing?

Interested in group travel but don’t know which group to choose?

Interested in group travel but afraid you’ll, uh, not “feel” the group?

If you answered yes to one, some, all of above, join Cheese-Its as we explore the world.

Best Friend & Best Friend have traveled Argentina to Norway, Ireland to Belize, with a bunch of Ashevilles, Yosemites, and Omahas sprinkled in-between.  Sometimes we love to go go go and spend vacations hopping from city to city, via ferry, train, bus, and tiny airplane, figuring out where this restaurant is and that hiking trail is. Sometimes we love to never leave the hotel, answering tough questions such as “Beach or pool?” and “Should we take a nap or watch HGTV?” It’s become evident that the Bahamas or Kansas City, the destination isn’t what makes the trip — it’s the company.
We usually travel couple-style (though we’ve done party of one trips to Mexico, Portland, Estonia). As folks watch our trips unfold on social media and in conversation, we’re asked repeatedly for recommendations and to run group-style adventures. The number of “Will you adopt me and be my mom and dad?” jokes renders them less joke’y.
While no we’re not going to adopt you and of course we can’t guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time nor be surrounded with beings with whom you’ll adore, we’ve got a lengthy track record that speaks for itself, speaking words such as “The best gift I’ve ever given myself” and “It’s like having an instant family. It felt like we were instantly old pals. There’s something about this shared experience that creates an instant bond that I haven’t found through other avenues (e.g. sports leagues, classes, etc).”
Our network is made up of diverse beings from all walks of life who value personal growth, leaning yes instead of no, saying “Why not” instead of “I can’t”, and swimming instead of shore-sitting. Combine that community with our travel knowledge, planning superpowers, and facilitation skill, you’ve got an experience not to be missed.
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Upcoming Group Trips

January 18 – January 25, 2020

7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise via Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Escape

Miami, Florida / Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras / Harvest Caye, Belize / Costa Maya, Mexico / Cozumel, Mexico / Miami, Florida

Research shows that the anticipation of a trip is the most enjoyable part of travel, even more so than the actual trip. In that vein, ENJOY!
Mac & Cheese has always been a planner. This trip takes Type A’ness, as Boyfriends Key & Peele would say, to a whole. ’nother. level. What are you up to January 2020? Don’t have plans yet? How about a laid-back, tropical getaway where your decisions will be do you want the unlimited beverage package or the on board credit for a massage or to use in the casino? Do you want to read on the deck, head to the comedy club, or play Hanabi with fellow Life of Yes’ers? (Don’t know Hanabi? You will.) Steam or sauna?
Enjoy a freestyle cruise on Ocean & Cruise News’ 2017 Ship of the Year chosen after much research and questions like “What would you recommend for someone who wants quality entertainment options and relaxation, not wet t-shirt contests or children, along with good food, an interesting and tropical itinerary, not having to think about money (or anything), the pick of the best rooms, and a fare that I can budget for without refinancing my home?”
Skeptical about a cruise? Not a cruise person? So were we and neither were we. But then everyone in our world went on one, and another, and raved about their experiences. So, we’re in! While admitting articles like Cruises Are So Uncool They Are Cool totally resonate.
Read over the plethora of detail we’ve pulled together to help you decide if YES! is the obvious answer as it was for us. And if so, join the Cheese-It Travel Crew — we are so stinkin’ EXCITED.

Trip Barebones Details

  • Early Bird Pricing ends December 31st, 2018
  • Full price $2985
    • Included —
      • Air transportation to/from Miami*
        • because we were able to get it included for free, there is no “airfare not included” cheaper option
      • Shuttle transportation to/from Miami airport to/from ship*
      • Unlimited drinks
      • Meals
      • Spa access
      • Shore excursion credit
      • Wifi
  • *if you’re flying from somewhere other than Chicago, please check with us to confirm airfare inclusion by letting us know what airport you’d be flying from
  • For more detail on what is and isn’t included and potential expenses, see FAQs at page linked below
  • The Life of Yes℠ staterooms are double-occupancy, meaning you’ll have a roommate. If you’re not feeling a roommate, see FAQs at page linked below for options

For more trip details, head to the trip page.

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