The moment I walked into a dance studio filled with 39 other scared and puzzled individuals, I knew this experience would be bigger than I could have imagined. I never felt judgment, just so much love.

I am of the philosophy that the world is a better place when women are supportive, collaborative and friendly with each other. Saya and  M&C embody this philosophy and the city of Chicago is a happier place because of them.

Potluck! (A Smorgasbord of Ideas) was an inspirational surprise. Interesting speakers, an audience of important people to know, and Saya connecting everyone.

I can honestly say my life became richer the minute I found Saya and Mac & Cheese. Saya spreads love and positivity wherever she goes, and it’s contagious. After getting involved with Mac & Cheese, you’ll feel your network expanding almost immediately.

You know those super interesting people who seem to be really good at life? They all hang out at Mac & Cheese events. And when you surround yourself with them, you too become a more interesting version of yourself. Fear Experiment was the push I needed to stop existing and start living.Take advantage of whatever Saya’s offering; it’ll be the best thing you’ve done for yourself today.

I attended the Life of Yes Retreat. The “no’s” were starting to creep in, and I needed a recharge. What I did not count on was the consistent source of fuel that has come after. I made some amazing friends who’ve provided ongoing support- personally and professionally. It’s like plugging into your own personal cheering squad!

Mac & Cheese is a nutrient-packed super food for your soul. Since Fear Experiment started I have systematically started confronting a number of fears that I have let prevent me from moving forward in life over the last few years. I’ve started experimenting again. I’ve started learning again. I feel more complete than I have in a long time.

Mac & Cheese is game-changing! Through their events, Saya and her team strive to create meaningful relationships and stretch the boundaries of what it means to have the life you want.

Fear Experiment (FE) isn’t about learning not to be afraid. It’s about learning to take a deep breath and say “this scares me, and I’m going to do it anyway.” Since FE, I’ve said yes to challenges that I would have turned down reflexively BFE (before Fear Experiment). And the phrase “I can’t do that” comes out of my mouth a whole lot less often.

The people attracted to Mac & Cheese offerings don’t fit any particular mold or niche, but they are open to meeting new people, trying new things, hearing new ideas, and learning new things about themselves.  I enjoy hanging out with that kind of a person personally, and enjoy working with that type of person so much that I offer all Cheese-Its a discount on my professional services.

I think back to that moment when my solo closed the singing portion of our show. All this love for little old me?! I’m not sure I understood it before Fear Experiment, but each of us is worthy of the love and genuine support from the people in our lives.

Saya is a master connector and community builder who has a true talent for motivating other people to follow their passions.

Becoming a part of Fear Experiment changed my life in so many positive ways from pushing myself to meet new people, challenging my body to move and stretch and get in shape (I lost 30lbs dancing), but most importantly, it allowed me to grow and transform while having a complete support system dancing along with me the entire way.

Life of Yes! retreats are for you if you feel stuck in life and are seeking change, if you want to invite more positive energy into your life, if you want to make meaningful connections with others, if you want to laugh out loud, and if you want an unforgettable experience that you will never regret!

Attending a Mac & Cheese (offering) is like being the new kid in the best, most exciting, accepting and amazing place. I always leave feeling smarter, better, and happier.


M&C’s offerings have burgeoned into some of the city’s best ways to expand your social circle while fostering personal growth.

Your events creatively challenge the norm, allowing a greater audience to get out there, mingle and have a great time.  I always leave feeling inspired and thankful to have met so many people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Saya’s one of the best facilitators in Chicago that I know and her events are tremendous.

Before I started Fear Experiment, I had this feeling deep within that the experience would shake things up, rock my world, bring feelings that I have never felt before, and just be all around life changing – and it was!