Cheese-It Testimonials


“A Mac & Cheese event is a great opportunity to laugh, to learn, and to have your assumptions about ‘what is true’ both challenged and supported. It’s the wonderful chance to sit next to someone who looks different than you, has different experiences than you do, may be from a different part of the city, the country, heck, the world than you, and still, still find out just how much you have in common. Mac & Cheese in all its iterations, is simply an amazing way to spend the gift of time.”


“Saya and Mac & Cheese Productions are molding a generation of people who are firmly investing in the present and creating magnificent, positive, and joy-filled futures for themselves.” 


“Saya provides a space for people to explore their dreams and connect them to the people who can make those dreams happen. Life-changing.” 


“Saya’s one of the best facilitators in Chicago that I know and her events are tremendous.”


“Mac & Cheese pushed me to learn to play again.”


“An audience of important people to know and Saya connecting everyone.”


“Saya is a master connector and community builder who has a true talent for motivating other people to follow their passions.”


“You know those super interesting people who seem to be really good at life? They all hang out at Mac & Cheese events. And when you surround yourself with them, you too become a more interesting version of yourself. [It] was the push I needed to stop existing and start living.Take advantage of whatever Saya’s offering; it’ll be the best thing you’ve done for yourself today.”


“[Mac & Cheese is] for you if you feel stuck in life and are seeking change, if you want to invite more positive energy into your life, if you want to make meaningful connections with others, if you want to laugh out loud, and if you want an unforgettable experience that you will never regret!”


“Saya is hands-down one of the most inspirational small business owners I’ve met in Chicago. My business is more successful thanks to Mac & Cheese.”


“I can honestly say my life became richer the minute I found Saya and Mac & Cheese. Saya spreads love and positivity wherever she goes, and it’s contagious. After getting involved with Mac & Cheese, you’ll feel your network expanding almost immediately.”


“Mac & Cheese taps into something that is deeply needed in our urban 21st century lives: intentional community and meaningful connections.” 


“Thank you for taking the road less traveled. For being my lighthouse so that now I can shine the light for others.”


“Mac & Cheese made networking fun again! People interested in meeting new people and building relationships versus passing out business cards and giving their pitch.”


“Saya leads by example, which makes her programs authentic and achievable…”


“Mac & Cheese Productions breaks the cycle of boredom and inertia in which so many of us find ourselves trapped.” 


“Saya has a keen sense of how to connect people who seem to need each other at just the right moments.”


“I have found my people! It’s like being back in college with people with diverse backgrounds but common interests and are up for anything.”


“Mac & Cheese is game-changing! Through their events, Saya and her team strive to create meaningful relationships and stretch the boundaries of what it means to have the life you want.”


“Quite frankly, Saya has created a movement. She inspires people to be better version of themselves. Through her offerings, she elevates their disposition in life and challenges people to stretch themselves, step out of one’s comfort level and self discover the greatness within and does so while in constant improvement herself. She exudes the life of yes! and is authentic her desire to build community wherever she goes. Saya defines the word ‘catalyst;’ I’ve connected with so many genuine, fantastic people (personally and professionally) as a result of her creative events.”


“I’m not kidding when I say that (Mac & Cheese) changed my life. I started thinking, “If I could do that, what else could I do?”


“I have never met a person who encouraged & pushed me more than you do. I’m just about in tears because that includes my own parents. It’s so validating, which is the thing I think I have sought most in life, to know someone like you values me.”