Group Offerings

“We were looking to spice up our company offsite and have a unique team building session.  Life of Yes fit in perfectly with our agenda.  It was exactly what the team needed!  Saya and Pete added so much color, energy and fun to the afternoon.  Everyone really enjoyed the day and, most importantly, learned something new about themselves and their co-workers.”

— Microsoft


Called a “breath of fresh air” and “the accessible Oprah,” Saya motivates individuals and organizations to stretch themselves and do their best thinking, and supports people in finding fulfillment and groups in creating a positive culture. Positive orientation = positive results.

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Workplace Facilitator

Whether you’re looking for team-building, skill enhancement, or guidance through a stressful period — sales quotas, layoffs, interpersonal strife — M&C’s workplace facilitation allows participants to discover and grow in surprising, poignant, and playful ways. Yet while “fun” methods are employed, real, applicable, transferrable, actionable work is accomplished. 

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Family Reunion Facilitator

M&C provides structured, low-key, easy, impactful opportunities for joy, personal growth, reflection, and connection. You get to enjoy family-time.

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From 1st grade through adulthood, from digital media to entrepreneurism, from Chicago Public Schools to Loyola University, Mac & Cheese loves to be in the classroom.

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Voiceover Artist

Commercials, books-on-tape, talking toys, video games, promos, you name it.

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Emcee & Moderator

Whether it’s an intimate room of 20 or a theater of 700, Saya’s charisma and warmth engulfs and connects each individual. She’ll keep you on schedule and on message. 

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Speaker Curator

From panel discussions to keynotes to classes, let Saya find the perfect speaker or curate the perfect speaker lineup for your event.

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For Individuals

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