Saya's Book

Saya is attempting to write a book. The struggle is real though when you don’t have accountability, deadlines, a book deal… So she’s been “attempting” for a long time. (sigh)

If you put it on your website, it will become real, right?!

If it’s included in an article, it will become real, right?! (see No. 22)

If you have a successful Kickstarter for a non-book tour, it will become real, right?!

If you get invited on a late-night TV show to talk about your non-book, it will become real, right?! (This hasn’t happened but if you put it on your website, it will, right?!)

Book Synopsis

A book about how a sad, silent abnormal girl grew up to be a blissful, vocal abnormal woman as Saya learned to embrace her literal and figurative stretch marks. Her everyday’ness, transparency, and shrugs at embarrassment make for a witty and inspiring reflection that’ll have you murmuring “Me too!” throughout. Even though you couldn’t be more different. Bonus: Saya weaves in business life acumen gleaned from her many years of accidental and successful entrepreneurism, which started when she heard the words, “I need you to pack your stuff and go.”

Working Titles

  • The Poor-Rich, Fat-Skinny, Ugly-Pretty, White-Black, Quiet-Loud, Non Jew-Jew Who’s Just Like You
  • Bullied, Dumped, & Fired: I’m OK and You Will Be Too
  • Where Do I Sit at Lunch?, Will I Be Picked Last?, Why Hasn’t He Called?, Do You Have a Plunger? and Other Heartbreaking Quandaries You Survive
  • Golden Handcuffs, The Mondays, Is This All There Is, and Your Sailed Ship: How To Be Rescued from Adulthood
  • Playgrounds, Recitals, and Camp: Not Just for Kids
  • No One Told Me That to Remove Bangs, You Let Them Grow Out, You Don’t Cut Them Off: a memoir about surviving the worst
  • Born in A Bathtub (On Purpose), Just Mom and I

Mom & I

Our "car". My homemade clothes. Examples of her entrepreneurial spirit -- income streams: dried flower arrangements, carpentry, landscaping and gardening, & bartership stream: creating and taking care of the Montessori school garden in exchange for lessened tuition.


Why Saya Is a Publisher’s Dream Save For the “Not Having a Book” Thing

Saya’s not just a writer, she’s a business partner, as invested and skilled in content distribution as she is in content creation.
Saya possesses that which many writers lack —  
  • A memorable, easy to find, google’able personal name and company name (Saya Hillman and Mac & Cheese Productions℠); Saya has discoverability
  • An extroverted, love to be in the spotlight, can’t wait to meet others charismatic personality 
  • A knack for and love of small talk, chatting with anyone, voice projection, and eye contact 
  • A knack for and love of self-promotion, sales, and asking for money without being that person 
  • Public Speaker, Teacher, Marketer, and Event Producer hats 
  • Nice, legible penmanship 
  • High levels of confidence and self-worth 
  • A firm grasp of her Target Reader

    • Someone who looks to real people with realistic solutions for inspiration to create an intentional, designed life, despite fear, past icks, and that which makes them different.
    • People who’ve Googled –
      • “How to make friends as an adult”
      • “How to figure out what you want to do in life”
      • “How to be happy”
    • People who have had to mark “other” in demographic fields on forms
    • People who had a difficult and/or unconventional childhood
    • People who’ve experienced bullying, body image issues, financial angst and envy, or sexual harassment or assault
    • People who grew up in unconventional homes and families
    • People with complicated family relationships
    • Entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs especially DIYers, those who want to succeed with what they already possess, and those afraid to take the leap
    • People who’ve experienced loneliness
    • People searching for authentic community
    • People searching for a fulfilling career
    • People who are tired of low self-worth but aren’t sure how to lift themselves up
  • An already established author platform
    • website
    • trademarked brand
    • network of supporters
    • network of collaborators
    • network of volunteers
    • social media presence including hashtags #LifeOfYes and #sayabook
    • e-list
    • blog
    • sales channels
    • media channels
    • credentials
    • strong, active, growing network that will support her via pre-orders, events, sharing, and direct sales 
  • Ideal blend of Type A and Type B tendencies; yes, Saya’s creative and write’y but also has:
    • the ability to be on time, meet deadlines, create and use systems
    • tech-savvy: Asana, Evernote, IFTTT, Scrivener, Buffer, Lastpass, Boomerhang, HelloSign, 2 Factor… 
Audiobooks were the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry last year.
Saya reflects on universal topics. 
  • No matter your demographics, values, dreams, there’s a high probability you have experience with and interest in: 
    • friendships as an adult
    • romantic relationships
    • figuring out how to answer “What do you want to do in life?” 
    • figuring out your definition of and path to “success”
Saya is interested in writing multiple books.
Saya is not writing a book to get rich. 
Beyond being a good writer, Saya is also — 
  • A hard worker 
  • Easy to work with 
  • A leader who knows when to follow and when to listen 
  • Willing to be vulnerable
  • An infectious being of positivity
Saya sticks out.
A biracial, 6′ self-employed woman who spent 10 months in the womb, was born in the bathtub, and raised by an entrepreneurial single mom, who has lost and gained 100 pounds, who turned getting fired into the best thing ever, who met her husband, with whom she had an almost 100% bartered wedding, at one of her own events, and whom is responsible for countless friendships, marriage, babies, clients, and soaring confidence levels. Someone who has embodies all she preaches.
Her story sells itself. Luckily, it doesn’t have to. She and her numerous Cheese-Its sell it as well.

Cheese-It Reactions  & Cheerleading to Saya’s Writing, Storytelling, and Speaking

Actions You Can Take RE. Saya’s Book

Close your eyes tight and send positive thoughts her way on being able to finish something that’s been on her To Do List for far too long.

Want to help Saya head out on a non-book tour and write this dang thing? We’ve got 30 days; we did it. Suggest a stop.

Are you able to get Seth or Trevor to have Saya on their shows? Let her know.

Want to give an unpublished wannabe author a book deal or an Italian villa on Lake Como for a writing residency? Get in touch.

Want to gift Saya a writing sabbatical and cover her expenses for three months? Easy peasey.

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