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What if there was a magical place that had oodles of grownup things you should know and do, in list, table, & spreadsheet form, all housed in one house? The boring, complex, daunting life stuff that makes you understandably ostrich your head into the sand…

Enter the Life of Yes℠ Adulting Kit.

You don’t need to be a genius, Type A, or a “has their sh*t together” medal winner to get your ducks in a row. You just need to gift yourself time, grace, and this “let others do the grunt work” life-simplifying tool created by a husband and wife team whose first conversation was about spreadsheets followed by intense Gmail label flirting.

If you can reserve a morning of a coffeehouse armchair, a chai latte, and the Kit or a night of trashy TV, a glass of something-something, and the Kit, you can adult.

If you can copy, paste, and tweak, you can adult.

If you can check off check boxes, you can adult.

The Adulting Kit exists to give you the steering wheel seat, to offer a hand when the inevitable need for an outstretched hand occurs, and to help your life run quietly in the background so you can focus on what’s important — petting puppies, (frugally) upgrading to First Class, and donuts.

Disclaimer — This is not a magic pill. Once in your possession, you have to do the work and put in the time. If you can’t commit to yourself, don’t waste your money.

You’re encouraged to check out the oodles of detail below before purchase to ensure the Kit is a good fit as there are no refunds. If you like this concept and just want it focused on cleaning, check out Life of Yes℠ Cleaning Guide, or on being a professional speaker, check out Speaker in a Box.

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“Saya has once again designed a creation that inspires folks to take charge of their lives and it’s one of those nobody-wants-to-talk-about-but-everyone-needs kinds of creations.

Need a better way to manage your time? ✅
Struggling with what exactly to say when you set a boundary and have to give a hard, “No?” ✅
Unsure of how (and/or plain ole just don’t want) to think through what instructions you’d want your loved ones to have when you die? (Uncomfortable, I know, but also … ✅)

Not only is this stuff we all need, but I know first-hand (from personal experience and from coaching convos) that it’s often the stuff that also keeps us anxious, overwhelmed and burnt out. #FreeYourself! This Kit is literally a manual that you can duplicate and tweak to make your own so that you can start doing the YOU stuff that gets you stuck!”

Who is the Kit for?

  • You’ve got your life relatively in order but think you could enhance it with new knowledge, concepts, and tools
  • You’re a nerd who loves fellow nerds and lists, tables, and learning
  • You’re a hot mess and have no clue where to start or how to ________You feel shame, overwhelm, and/or fear around life stuffYou want to feel better prepared for life stuff
  • You want to feel more in control of life stuff
  • You often think “There must be a better way…”
  • You want someone to tell you what to do
  • You find inspiration in peeping tom’ing others’ lives and seeing nitty gritty specifics of their day to day
  • You value your time
  • You want to make space, physical and mental, for yourself cause you realize the benefits
  • You want to invest in yourself cause you realize the benefits
  • You get that putting in time now can save oodles of time later
  • You enjoy giving gifts to yourself and to others
  • You blossom in safe, encouraging spaces
  • The idea of with their blessing stealing from others, especially others who pride themselves on living fulfilled, easy lives, sounds yummy

Many of the Kit’s tools are not “pretty”; if you’re looking for inspiration via design, it’s probably not a good fit for you. Its creators care if a is tool easy to find, easy to use, easy to share if applicable, and can it include/do everything they want with it. Function over fashion mentality. That said, the beauty of templates is that you can add lipstick as you see fit…


Detail on what’s included in each section.


“The Adulting Kit has all the things you know you need, plus all the things you didn’t know you needed. It’s worth every penny.”

“Now I knew that Saya Hillman was a thorough ass fairy godmother, but this truly takes the cake! Her adulting kit just gave me the structure and strength to sit plan for the inevitable, my passing. I’ve had many recent losses and don’t want to put my family through the stress I went through to close out important affairs. This kit helps in so many critical areas of life! For all the “grown” stuff you need to do, but don’t know where to begin or how to do it or whom to contact, she lays it out in a simplified, ORGANIZED, and fun manner! And all the while, she’s giving you confidence and high fives! Her Doodles sections give me life and let me know that I’m on the right path in this adulting journey. It’s a tool for a lifetime.”

“This Adulting kit is for anyone!!! There is so much to help organize your life and get things on track. The best part is you can refer back to it over and over again! Life throws many curve balls & now I feel I have the help to get through most of them with Saya & Best Friend’s tips & advice.”

“The If-I-Die section of the Adulting Kit alone is worth the price. There is an 18 tab spreadsheet for the logistics and last wishes someone needs to know upon your passing and I was blown away by all the things I’d never thought of before. Completing that spreadsheet is an act of love and I am so glad I purchased that resource!”

“I think you changed my life! Thank you–I’m so happy to have peace of mind and my children will have the gift of ease.”

“(It’s a) kit for half adults like me: you your own pay bills, can book your own vacation, knows what a Roth IRA is but can’t shake the feeling you’re doing everything the hard way. As someone with very young kids I am overwhelmed with the idea that at some point, I won’t be on the planet with them. This kit, includes sections like, finances, homeownership, relationships and DEATH which is the section I started with. I really enjoyed the death checklist and I am already excited to have a death party (get the kit for more info!). Growing up, growing old is fantastic, humiliating, exhausting and so much fun. One thing it shouldn’t be is a mystery. Shout out to the Adulting Kit for peeling back the curtain.”

“I am going to have such a stress free death. I love that for me.”

“If you’re like me and have a great deal of stress about all your life stuff being all  over the place (especially digitally) and want to get things more  organized, I recommend!”

“Adulting doesn’t have to be terrible and Saya shows you how to make it fun!! 11/10 recommend.”

“An utterly unique and loving project, made by a real smart person.”

“This kit is AMAZING. Tips all in one place. Easy to navigate. Thanks Saya for such an amazing tool.”

“I’ve long had a sense of some personal organization things I SHOULD be doing, especially given the proliferation of everything digital, but just couldn’t get started because I wasn’t sure what I needed to do, where to start or how to do it. Getting Saya’s kit saved me tons of time from having to figure out on my own what sort of life organization and documentation tasks I should be doing and how to do it. I didn’t have to waste time re-creating the wheel, which Saya has already built, in spreadsheets and Notion. With Saya’s documents, tips and templates staring me square in the face, I’ve been able to get a move on a bunch of life tasks, including updating how I manage my passwords and creating checklists and documentation to share with my loved ones so they can more easily manage upon my passing some day. These documents will also help me keep track of all my stuff while alive, and a checklist for me to use to support the process of other people’s passing. This has also given me a lot of peace of mind that this info has been documented and shared with close loved ones, and has gotten rid of the nagging feeling that I should be doing something.”

“This Adulting Kit should be a college class required before Graduation to teach you how to be organized through the next years of life! Where were Saya and Pete when I was 22?”

“HOLY SHIT. WOA. This is all mine!? Knowing you is the gift that keeps on giving!!”



What format is the Kit in?
It was created in Notion and includes various formats/platforms (Google Sheets, Google Docs, Powerpoint, Canva, etc.). If you’re not familiar with Notion, no sweat. The platform is user friendly, the Kit fairly self explanatory, and there’s a “navigating this notion workspace” section.

What if you only want some of the inclusions?
Don’t look at the ones you don’t want?

But also encouragement to be open-minded; you may not think you want going vegan tips or a humidifier cleaning schedule or examples of how to wind down the day when in actuality, you give them a chance and decide they’re the best thing ever.

Can you get a refund?
Due to the digital nature of the product, all sales are final. Plus in general, Mac & Cheese is a no refund space, proud of and a stander behinder of what you get.

Can you share the Kit with others?
No, your purchase is for a personal license for individual use. But you can share it, as in shout from the rooftops how wonderful it is. So very helpful to small business owners, especially ones who are 100% word of mouth.

How long do you have access to the Kit?
As long as you keep the initial link and password given to you after purchase, you have lifetime access which is great so you can reference what you’ve already seen + see any updates. Suggested you bookmark the webpage and put the password in your password manager (don’t know what that is? You’ll learn in the Kit!).

To be able to easily see what updates are made, check out the Kit Updates section in KIT NAVIGATION. A very adult’y thing to do? Add “Check Adulting Kit for updates” as a recurring monthly task.

What if you have questions about how to use something in the Kit?
Google it. If it’s in regards to a specific platform/tool, e.g. Notion, Gmail, or Todoist, head to their website. There are sooooo many free, at your fingertip resources available. A bit of time and legwork on your part will probably get you the answer you need.

1 on 1 support from Pete & Saya is available via their consulting services. Not via email, DM, text, etc.

If there’s a specific tool that’s giving you trouble, skip it. Not every tool is for everyone.

You have questions that aren’t addressed here so you’re not sure if the Kit is for you; what should you do?
If you don’t feel an immediate YES!, don’t buy the Kit.

Much of Mac & Cheese is about trust a la getting in an unmarked van with strangers and no phone to an undisclosed location to do unknown activities or doing something you’re not the best at on stage in front of hundreds.

Trying to convince people that goodness is good for them is not in the Mac & Cheese playbook.

Who is Saya and why is she the person to create this Kit*?

Best Friend flirting with Saya via gmail labels

A Huffington Post article called Saya “Chicago’s productivity-guru,” she’s an Evernote Certified Consultant, and was featured in the Gmail Genius and Google Content Creator series. She’s run a successful business since 2004, filled with event curation, keeping track of and adhering to deadlines upon deadlines, collaborating with and managing thousands of people, being laid-back yet professional, and wearing various hats many of which do not match, all of which she has done with a smile on her face and an overall feeling of “I’ve got this.”

Saya’s the poster child of fun and easy adulting; it can be done. You can learn more about her here.

*Best Friend also added his fabulousness to the Kit. Personal finance! Veganism! Other stuff! Their wedding is a perfect glimpse into who they are, what they value, and what magic they can magic.

Ready to nerd out?!

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