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  1. Phoebe Morais
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    That very last section, “Let go,” just sums it all up so perfectly. I see so many of my own experiences in yours, and I’m so happy for you. We forwent the traditional bridal party as well (a best man for him, a best man for me), didn’t do the traditional dances (his mother passed away, my father and I Do. Not. Dance.), thought about skipping the favors, but found a great deal on M&M’s (who doesn’t love M&M’s?!) with a meaningful custom message for us. Oh, and I’ve had two different engagement rings in my life, both of which were less than $100, bought on QVC, and I am constantly embarrassed by the attention they get. Much more important to me is my grandmother’s vintage wedding ring which I am privileged to wear. And on and on and on. I have two brothers getting married in the next year, one in less than two months, and one in just less than a year. I am loathe to give them any (unsolicited!) advice, but I might just forward them your post…

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