Cheese-It Exposure

“In addition to curating amazing, inspiring events, Saya also has a referral list that’s the first place I turn when I am looking for help in a new area. Her list includes people just getting their feet wet and their finding a way to support themselves doing something they love — it feels good to support people who are up and coming who also awesome at what they do! I’ve used her referrals for website design and marketing (and get compliments every week on my website!). I’ve used her mover recommendations. I’ve used her interior design recommendation for my new apartment and I’ve switched accountants to the one she recommends. Saya’s list is a one stop shop for awesome people who are good at what they do. And I turn to her Life of Yes community if something I am looking for isn’t listed. Saya’s list is my go-to resource and I have been 110% satisfied!”

Wouldn’t you rather choose a real estate agent because of a referral than because she popped up first on Google? Have you tried posting on Craigslist or the like and gotten nowhere?

Saya has numerous contacts who are always telling her about awesome service providers, job openings, funding opportunities, workshops, cultural events, discounts, you name it. She’s also often out and about experiencing awesomeness, much of it off the beaten path, so she loves to share. She curates all that goodness into Smatterings, a combination of social media shares, blog posts, and e-newsletter inclusions which she shares with her extensive network who respect and act on her referrals and recommendations.

If you’d like to follow the goodness on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, give Saya a Twitter follow a Facebook like, and/or an Instagram follow, as well as search “#smatterings” on Twitter.

If you’d like to share your own goodness via Smatterings, check out how below.


Real Experiences

From Readers

“I delete a lot of the newsletters I receive but I make sure I read every Smatterings because I always find a number of useful items in each email, whether a cool event, a reliable local service provider, career advice, or just an interesting story.”

“I have started saving the Smatterings email for when I can actually read all the multiple tabs I open from the links I’m interested in. I read Chicagoist, the Chicago Reader, etc., but this is just more intimate with a real voice.”

“Please never stop doing Smatterings! I really don’t know what I would do without it . . . ”

“I am cursing you for being so useful. I have ten minutes to check email, was just going to scan this, but found seven useful things I HAVE to read.”

“Having recently moved to Chicago, my knowledge of the city and what it has to offer is limited. Smatterings has provided me with a wealth of information from entertainment venues to the accountant I used this year to a photography grant opportunity. Saya has created a wonderful resource for someone who is new to the city.”

From Posters

“Thanks to our services being featured in Smatterings, our group has assisted an owner in selling her home successfully in Wrigleyville. In addition, we have had people who were interested in learning more about the home-purchase process attend our first-time home buyer seminars. Smatterings is a resourceful, invaluable catalyst for connecting people with people.”

“Thank you again for featuring me in the Mac & Cheese newsletter, I’ve not only received about 20 new email subscribers, but they actually answered my “confirm subscription” question about how they heard about me, which no one ever does! You’ve fostered a highly engaged group.”

“The Mac & Cheese network is awesome! For over a year I was trying to sell a credit I had with a local trolley company. I posted it a few times on Craigslist and tried to network through my friends. Even with a substantial discount, I had no takers. Knowing she had an extensive network, I reached out to Saya. Within 24 hours of posting it, I had two leads and within a week I was able to cut a deal with Tracy, who’s getting married and will be using the trolley for her wedding—a true win/win! I will definitely use the M&C network again and I highly recommend it as a marketing tool.”

“I really value Saya’s word-of-mouth recommendations. A plug in Smatterings brought me three terrific people to live in my rental condo, for instance. Yes, there’s Craigslist for such things, but Saya’s connections are, in some sense, pre-screened, and I know that friends and acquaintances of hers will be responsible, civilized and cool.”

“OMG, literally hours after your Smatterings posting did I receive a call from a new client interested in our catering services! THANK YOU!”


What are the ways to get exposure to Cheese-Its?

Note: content for below is provided by you


What’s included:

  • One social media share per platform — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and if appropriate, LinkedIn
  • A feature in the Mac & Cheese Productions℠ newsletter which goes out every two weeks
  • One image if desired

What’s the cost:

  • One time = $25
  • Two times = $45
  • Three times = $70

Sponsored Blog Post

What’s included:

  • A post on the Mac & Cheese Productions℠ blog
  • Social media share of the post via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and if appropriate, LinkedIn
  • A featured blurb about the post in the Mac & Cheese Productions℠ newsletter which goes out every two weeks
  • Suggested that you create a blog post that’s on a topic of interest to Cheese-Its as opposed to a straight promotional post
  • Up to ten images in the post

What’s the cost: $75

  • Note that the post will be identified as a “Sponsored Blog Post”

Event Sponsorship

What’s included:

  • Inclusion in pre and post-event marketing (ticket page, logistics communication, invitations, wrap-up communication)
  • Two tickets to the event* (*for most events; talk to Saya about which event you want to sponsor)
  • Opportunity to share with attendees at the event via in-kind goodness and/or a presentation
  • Social media shares via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and if appropriate, LinkedIn
  • A featured blurb in the Mac & Cheese Productions℠ newsletter which goes out every two weeks
  • One image if desired for social media shares and blurb

What’s the cost: $175

Annual Sponsorship

For people who’d like a constant presence in front of Cheese-Its. Various levels and benefits. Contact Saya if interested.

When is the deadline?

No deadline if you elected Smatterings or a blog post; it will go out within a week of payment. If you want to sponsor an event, a month before said event.

Are there any special formatting parameters?

Nope! No word count (though keep in mind people’s short attention spans these days). Of course for Twitter, keep it to 280 characters.

Anything else to keep in mind when creating a post?

Make sure links work. Make sure people can get in touch if they have questions. Make sure your tweets aren’t over 280 characters.

How big are your networks?

 Reach The Cheese-It Tribe


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