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"In addition to curating amazing, inspiring events, Saya also has a referral list that’s the first place I turn when I am looking for help in a new area. Her list includes people just getting their feet wet and their finding a way to support themselves doing something they love — it feels good to support people who are up and coming who also awesome at what they do! I’ve used her referrals for website design and marketing (and get compliments every week on my website!). I’ve used her mover recommendations. I’ve used her interior design recommendation for my new apartment and I’ve switched accountants to the one she recommends. Saya’s list is a one stop shop for awesome people who are good at what they do. And I turn to her Life of Yes community if something I am looking for isn’t listed. Saya’s list is my go-to resource and I have been 110% satisfied!"

Marketing to Cheese-Its


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Individuals and organizations love to partner with Mac & Cheese

Wouldn’t you rather choose a real estate agent because of a referral than because she popped up first on Google? Have you tried posting on Craigslist or the like and gotten nowhere but Headacheville?

Mac & Cheese has numerous contacts who are always telling us about awesome service providers, job openings, funding opportunities, workshops, cultural events, discounts, you name it. We’re also often out and about experiencing awesomeness, much of it off the beaten path, so we love to share. We curate all that goodness into a combination of social media shares, blog posts, and newsletter inclusions which we share with our extensive network who respect and act on our referrals and recommendations.

If you’d like to follow the goodness on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, give Mac & Cheese a Twitter follow, a Facebook like, and/or an Instagram follow.

If you’d like to share your own goodness with Cheese-Its, check out how below.

How to Share Your Goodness with Cheese-Its

  1. Submit content for consideration via button below
  2. Receive approval/denial
  3. If the former, submit payment via instructions that’ll be provided
  4. M&C shares content via methods and time frame stipulated below

Content for Cheese-It Exposure is provided by you. Mac & Cheese doesn’t write your copy.

“#ad”, “SPONSORED POST” or the like showing that this is a paid partnership will be included somewhere in posts.


  • One social media share per platform — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (if image is provided), and if appropriate, LinkedIn
  • A feature in the Mac & Cheese Productions℠ newsletter
  • One image, if desired


  • One share = $125
  • Two shares = $250
  • Three shares = $300 ($75 discount)


Rolling. Newsletter inclusions will go out in the next issue after payment (sent one’ish times a month) and social media shares will go out within a week of payment, unless specific dates are requested.


Make your posts platform appropriate, e.g. no more than 280 characters for Twitter. There’s no word count though keep in mind people’s short attention spans these days. Ensure people can get in touch if they have questions and that you have all the right handles, hashtags, and links.

Copy should not be in first person — e.g. “My condo is located in Logan Square” — so it’s not confusing whether it’s coming from you or Mac & Cheese; please use third person, e.g. “Her/the condo is located in Logan Square.” If you submit in first person, M&C will ask you to redo.

Tip: when you choose what platforms where you want to be shared on the form below, consider a platform even if you’re not on it. E.g. if you’re not on Twitter, you can and should still submit a tweet as M&C is active on Twitter. Instead of including your non-existent handle, include your website. This way you’ll reach more people, as some Cheese-Its are only on specific platforms. Just because you’re not on/active on a platform doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post there; if M&C is on and active on it, you should include it in your selection. Maximize your investment!

Where Mac & Cheese is Active & Cheese-It Numbers Per Platform

Ready to submit?

If you’d like Cheese-It Exposure via another method, submit your inquiry to Mac & Cheese. Otherwise, fill out below and M&C will be in touch.

  • If you don't have one/it's not applicable, skip
  • If you don't have one/don't want it used/tagged, skip
  • If you don't have one/don't want it used/tagged, skip
  • If you don't have one/don't want it used/tagged, skip
  • If you don't have one/don't want it used/tagged, skip
  • Do not write content as if it's coming from Mac & Cheese/Saya. If you use "I", "we", "us", those should be referring to you. If composing the post here is cumbersome, feel free to copy and paste your answer from Word or the like. If accepted, this will be copied and pasted into the newsletter and appropriate social media outlets so make it exactly how you want it. There is no word-count or special formatting that you need to follow (save for LinkedIn having a 3000 character limit). People have short attention spans these days, so best not to make it too long. TIP: if this is something long, like a detailed job description, it's best if you include a short blurb here and a link to the job description. Make sure your links are correct and that you include how someone can get more info if they want it. *Depending on the post, it may be shared via LinkedIn. Twitter and Instagram are separate (see below).
  • Remember, only 280 characters! (characters; not words). Good to include your handle and/or hashtag(s). If you're not on Twitter/don't want a tweet, skip.
  • This can be the same as your Facebook, etc. post, with the addition of your handle and/or hashtag(s). Feel free to copy and paste, and add those. Links don't work in Instagram posts so suggested you put a link in your bio and then direct people there, as opposed to putting a link in your copy. Linktree is a great way to have multiple links in a bio or take a peek at my bio to see how I do it
  • A "Share" includes 1 social media share (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn*, Instagram) and 1 newsletter inclusion. * = if appropriate Social media shares occur within a week of payment. The newsletter share will go in the issue after payment is received. If you request multiple posts, they'll be spread out weekly (1 one week, 1 the next week, etc.). Payment instructions will be sent to you upon post acceptance.
  • If there's specific dates or weeks you want your posts to be shared, share here.
  • If you have an image you'd like used, upload it here — logo, photo, graphic, etc.
    Max. file size: 50 MB.

Marketing Testimonials

"(Saya) shared the heck out of me and my business. As a result, I not only get new clients on the regular, but they are THE BEST clients because they all have this whole Life of Yes attitude. I can’t quite explain all the levels of connections I’ve gained from exposure to her network—from working with great clients to having new friends and concert-going buddies, and those connections keep growing more connections."
“Saya's network is amazing. From ONE share in ONE of her networks, I got two new clients. She is a connecting people machine who believes in you almost more than you do! Tapping into her network is a beautiful thing!”
"It's nearly impossible to describe how much knowing Saya Hillman and her Mac & Cheese community has changed my life, both personally and professionally for the WAY better. I wouldn't be doing this work I adore if it wasn't for Saya's encouragement and the fact that she shared my business so widely that it blew me away. I always know that when I get a query from a Cheese-It , they're going to be really amazing people to work with. This network is the most incredible thing. I love being part of a group of folks who are committed to leading their best lives and doing good at the same time. Every time I fill my camera bag and head out the door for a shoot, I whisper a silent 'Thank you Saya'. For real. "
“Thanks to our services being featured in (M&C’s newsletter), our group assisted an owner in selling her home successfully in Wrigleyville. In addition, we have had people who were interested in learning more about the home-purchase process attend our first-time home buyer seminars. (M&C’s newsletter) is a resourceful, invaluable catalyst for connecting people with people.”
“Thank you again for featuring me in the Mac & Cheese newsletter, I’ve not only received about 20 new email subscribers, but they actually answered my “confirm subscription” question about how they heard about me, which no one ever does! You’ve fostered a highly engaged group.”
“The Mac & Cheese network is awesome! For over a year I was trying to sell a credit I had with a local trolley company. I posted it a few times on Craigslist and tried to network through my friends. Even with a substantial discount, I had no takers. Knowing she had an extensive network, I reached out to Saya. Within 24 hours of posting it, I had two leads and within a week I was able to cut a deal with Tracy, who’s getting married and will be using the trolley for her wedding—a true win/win! I will definitely use the M&C network again and I highly recommend it as a marketing tool.”
“I really value Saya’s word-of-mouth recommendations. A plug in (M&C’s newsletter) brought me three terrific people to live in my rental condo, for instance. Yes, there’s Craigslist for such things, but Saya’s connections are, in some sense, pre-screened, and I know that friends and acquaintances of hers will be responsible, civilized and cool.”
"Saya was a dream to work with! After being a Cheese-It for two years, I was so grateful to be invited to share my passions with Saya's audience. Her programs and optimistic life doesn't have to be as hard as you think it does perspective is very much in alignment with my business' core values, so the event was definitely a success. I also walked away with multiple new, ideal clients who are committed to changing their life for the better and they've been a joy to work with."
“OMG, literally hours after your posting did I receive a call from a new client interested in our catering services! THANK YOU!”
"Beyond being a pleasure to do business with, Saya truly values the people she works and the network she has built. Anytime I get a referral from Saya, I know I will be working with wonderful people."
"Saya’s wide range of offerings and events has forged a devoted network of people that are a resource unto themselves – participating in any Saya event connects you to this dynamic group. From professional resources to personal friendships, Saya is an incredible instigator of human centric fun. My suggestion? Dive in and explore!"


“The people attracted to Mac & Cheese offerings don’t fit any particular mold or niche, but they are open to meeting new people, trying new things, hearing new ideas, and learning new things about themselves.  I enjoy hanging out with that kind of a person personally, and enjoy working with that type of person so much that I offer all Cheese-Its a discount on my professional services.”

Reader Testimonials

“I delete a lot of the newsletters I receive but I make sure I read every (M&C edition) because I always find a number of useful items in each email, whether a cool event, a reliable local service provider, career advice, or just an interesting story.”
“I have started saving (M&C’s) email for when I can actually read all the multiple tabs I open from the links I’m interested in."
“Please never stop doing (your newsletter)! I really don’t know what I would do without it . . . ”
“I am cursing you for being so useful. I have ten minutes to check email, was just going to scan this, but found seven useful things I HAVE to read.”
“Having recently moved to Chicago, my knowledge of the city and what it has to offer is limited. (M&C’s newsletter) has provided me with a wealth of information from entertainment venues to the accountant I used this year to a photography grant opportunity. Saya has created a wonderful resource for someone who is new to the city.”