Life of Yes℠

You design your life. Why choose hard when you could choose easy? And it is always a choice, even when it doesn’t feel like it is. Don’t be afraid to show your cracks cause cracks are what allow in the light. Strive for win-wins; you’ll often end up with win-win-wins. Sometimes life sucks and it’s ok to be NO, where NO is sad, pissed, depressed, angry, but eventually, how lovely to transform NO into YES. We’re better together, even if together means with others doing your own thing. Find something that makes you happy and use it to make others happy. Categories — age, race, job title, politics, gender, marital status, extrovert/introvert, crunchy/creamy — are meaningless when you gather Life of Yes’y people.

Created by LaTiesha Moore

Life of Yes℠

It’s a trademark and a tagline. It’s a mindset, philosophy, source of guidance. It’s a movement. It’s the foundation of Mac & Cheese Productions℠.

Head Cheese-It Saya’s TEDx on living a Life of Yes℠

Your default is to think YES, why not?, let’s do it, instead of NO, what if, I can’t

  • you recognize and modify self-imposed constraints
  • you see value in being open and optimistic

You feel connected

  • to others, to opportunities (professionally and personally), to yourself

You have a supportive community of people who are up for anything

  • you’ve found “your people”
  • you belong
  • you run into fellow LOYers all the time

You revert to kid’ness

  • laughing till your abs hurt/eyes water
  • doing something without passing judgment on others or yourself
  • using your hands, moving your body
  • play for play’s sake

You feel comfortably challenged

You’re a magnet for goodness

  • things fall in your lap

You spend your time doing what you want to be doing

You take action

You’re selfish in a positive way

  • self-love and self-care is a good thing and makes you a better friend, coworker, significant other, parent

You embrace your suckage and your differences and put them to work for you

When you hit a bump, you deal with it and you move on

You’re fulfilled and happy most of the time

  • You understand that you choose what your life looks like

You realize your superpowers and use them to better your life and the lives of others

Life of Yes℠ Tangibles

The Mac & Cheese Store has a variety of Life of Yes℠ products if you’d like to gift yourself or someone else with some LOY’ness.

Shout out to Austin Kleon for compiling this series of other ways to define Life of Yes℠