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Everything here has been lovingly refinished by Type A, clean-freak, amateur DIYer Saya — items may have signs of age and wear and most definitely have imperfections. Ya know, vintage’y, one of a kind, with character.

Pick up is in Chicago’s Wicker Park, near Damen and Division. To purchase an item, send an email to Saya and let her know which you’re interested in. Prices firm. If something has been sold, it’ll be marked as such. Venmo, Paypal, or Quick Pay/Zelle; you can pay after you see it in person and make sure you do indeed looooove it. All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.

What’s with the names? Due to the involved blood, sweat, tears, curses, and love, these become Saya’s babies and babies need names.

Click on photos to zoom in. If the back is shown, it’s finished; if it’s not shown, it’s unfinished.

Dresser — “Jolene”

  • $185
  • 33″H x 32.5″W x 16.5″D
  • Wood
  • Paint color: Unknown (Behr Matte). Pre-mixed color without a label. Grayish with warm purplish undertones, like London Coach and Winter Calm.
  • Stain color: Kona (it’s a deep brown to match the handles, not black)
  • Sealant: Semi-Gloss

Updated with new drawer liners. Bottom is felted for easy moving.


Mirrors / Art — “Bobby”

  • $42 (set of 5)
  • Each square is 10″H x 10″W
  • Wood
  • Stain color: Kona
  • Sealant: Matte


SOLD Dresser — “Lucia”

  • $325
  • 49″H x 39″W x 19.5″D
  • Wood
  • Paint color: Wedding Mint (Valspar Semigloss)
  • Sealant: Matte

Updated with new knobs and drawer liners. Feet are felted for easy moving.