A lifestyle business that utilizes play, innovation, and comfortable fear to help individuals find fulfillment and groups a positive culture. Think adult summer camp.

At the core of Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is the belief that the segments which make up our lives shouldn’t be sources of stress but sources of joy and ease. In other words, a Life of Yes℠.

“All my friends are getting married, moving to the suburbs, and having babies.”
“My work environment is stressful and toxic and I’m looking for a way transform it.”
“I’m waiting for a better time to take that trip, quit my job, ask that guy out.”
“I’m ashamed I can’t answer the question, ‘If you could do anything, what would you do?’”
“I can list 33 things I suck at but can’t list one thing I’m good at. At least not one that matters.”
“Why would I take an improv class? I’m not funny. Why would I take a storytelling class?I don’t have any stories.”
“I want to help create a positive company culture at the place I spend most of my hours.”
“There has to be a more efficient way to ________; I feel like a hamster in the hamster wheel.”
“I’m embarrassed by my tense relationship with my mom, my debt, my lack of a significant other, my stretch marks.”
“I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and my eyes watered.”
“I’m sick of cheesy ice breakers and painfully forced team-building at work; there has to be a better route to staff development.”
“I’m standing still on the sidelines watching everyone else move.”
“I hid in the bathroom at a networking event, at a party, at work.”
“I’d like more friends. Real friends. Like I had in college, at summer camp.”
If you’ve ever felt any of above, you’re not alone. 
Mac & Cheese Productions℠, led by Head Cheese-It Saya Hillman, addresses such scenarios and creates communities of everyday superheroes. We reframe and reclaim adulthood — instead of “the grind” and “case of the Mondays”, think adult summer-camp, for the individual and for the group.


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