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You know that uncertain time between childhood and death? Adulthood? It can be so much more than bills, dry cleaning, and meetings. Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is a lifestyle business that models and offers positive adulting and increases life fulfillment and ease through building connection: to others, to opportunities, and to self.
Via services, tools, and experiences, Mac & Cheese inspires groups and individuals to take charge of their lives and to learn, grow, and become even more delicious versions of themselves. Its foundation is its Life of Yes℠ mentality — the gist? More yay, less ick.
From events to its Adulting Kit, swag to workplace facilitation, Mac & Cheese is the best parts of college and summer camp, for grownups.
Chicago headquarters, travels everywhere virtually and in-person.

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A weekend of self-development, where you feel at home with people you just met.

Unplugged weekend away. Unknown destination.
Unknown fellow campers. Unknown agenda.
Unmarked van. Kidnapping but like, good kidnapping…

Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp is designed to equip you with a way of thinking and a community rooted in you getting as much as you can out of your life. Everyone comes solo. Everything is taken care of; you just show up.

After 11 years, this’ll be the final offering.

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Cheese-It Testimonials

"I can honestly say my life became richer the minute I found Saya and Mac & Cheese. Saya spreads love and positivity wherever she goes, and it’s contagious. After getting involved with Mac & Cheese, you’ll feel your network expanding almost immediately."
"You know those super interesting people who seem to be really good at life? They all hang out at Mac & Cheese events. And when you surround yourself with them, you too become a more interesting version of yourself. (It) was the push I needed to stop existing and start living. Take advantage of whatever Saya’s offering; it’ll be the best thing you’ve done for yourself today."
"The “no’s” were starting to creep in, and I needed a recharge. What I did not count on was the consistent source of fuel that has come after. I made some amazing friends who’ve provided ongoing support- personally and professionally. It’s like plugging into your own personal cheering squad!"
"Saya is a master connector and community builder who has a true talent for motivating other people to follow their passions."
"The people attracted to Mac & Cheese offerings don’t fit any particular mold or niche, but they are open to meeting new people, trying new things, hearing new ideas, and learning new things about themselves. I enjoy hanging out with that kind of a person personally, and enjoy working with that type of person so much that I offer all Cheese-Its a discount on my professional services."
"Mac & Cheese is game-changing! Through their events, Saya and her team strive to create meaningful relationships and stretch the boundaries of what it means to have the life you want."
"(M&C) events creatively challenge the norm, allowing a greater audience to get out there, mingle and have a great time. I always leave feeling inspired and thankful to have met so many people I wouldn’t have met otherwise."

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."