Speaker in a Box

Why over-analyze, second guess, and make from scratch when you could consensually steal from a successful, list loving “Wonderful to work with,” “I need to be her best friend!” speaker & facilitator?
Why stand still when you want to, and can, move forward? (Overwhelm, inexperience, uncertainty, imposter syndrome, negative self-talk probably? Understandable but removable!)
Speaker in a Box is a digital blueprint, workbook, and VIP, behind-the-scenes guide to the actions & inner-musings of an experienced presenter that’ll chummily yet firmly guide you in being a paid speaker. From scripts to stories, templates to checklists, wins to losses, the tool is a reflection of its creator, an organized, opinionated, refreshing, transparent, proactive, do it her own way, boundary setting, I am who I am, Type A creative adept at breaking down the overwhelming and daunting in ways that build you up, propel you forward, and positively infect each corner of your life.
Bonus: a community of stranger-friends taking the same journey and face to face “she’s done this” support via regular virtual group gatherings.
You got this. Where “this” in this case is being a professional speaker.
Disclaimer No. 1 — This is not a magic pill. Once in your possession, you have to do the work and put in the time. Blood, sweat, and tears are necessary. If you can’t commit to yourself, don’t waste your money.
Disclaimer No. 2 — In order to “be a speaker,” you don’t need anything. Including this. Just go be a speaker. That’s what Saya did. And she’s been paid to share her Saya’ness ever since (2012). That said, for most people it’s not that easy. Not to mention: mistakes were made, time was wasted, money was low-balled (including by Saya herself! ). If a hand-holding buddy on your speaker journey to help you avoid mistakes, waste, and low-balling, and to help you confidently proclaim “I’m a speaker,” is appealing, — Saya’s that buddy.
Pre-orders are closed. Get on the wait-list below!
 You’re encouraged to check out the oodles of detail below to ensure the Box is a good fit as there are no refunds. If you’d like to give this as a gift, you can buy a gift card and let the receiver know what it’s for.
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Pre-orders are closed. If you’d like to be notified when Speaker in a Box is available to purchase, you can sign up for the wait list. Price is TBD as the tool is still being worked on; of course you’ll get that detail before deciding if you want to purchase. The wait list does not = commitment.

Speaker in a Box Waitlist

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Will there be more included than what’s above?
On brand, most definitely. Er, more on  brand (don’t make promises and don’t create self-stress), most probably.
Can you get a refund?
Due to the digital nature of the product, all sales are final. Plus in general, Mac & Cheese is a no refund space, proud of and a stander behinder of what you get.
Can you share the Box with others?
No, your purchase is for a personal license for individual use. But you can share it, as in shout from the rooftops how wonderful it is. So very helpful to small business owners, especially ones who are 100% word of mouth (Saya!).
How long do you have access to the Box?
As long as you keep the initial link and password given to you upon delivery, you have lifetime access. This allows you to reference what you’ve already seen + see any updates. Saya loves a living tool, one that changes as newness is learned and created, and is updated accordingly.
When will you get the Box?
‍(shrug) … Saya will work nose to grindstone. Saya also has learned to not set expectations or parameters.
What’s the Group Coaching?
Regular virtual gatherings where you can get live coaching with Saya — ask questions, brainstorm, get feedback — as well as witness others on the same journey and learn from their experiences, questions, and shares. Side benefit: create community with others which can lead to added goodness like friendships, referrals, and collaboration.
Optional to attend; come when you can and want to.
These are not recorded. Less noise and work and To Do List items is our goal, not more. Community is our goal, not silo learning.
Times TBD. Note that Saya lives in Chicago (CST) and thus will choose times that jive with her timezone, especially important to consider if you live in another country.
You have questions that aren’t addressed here; what should you do?
If you don’t feel an immediate IN!, don’t buy the product.
Trying to convince people that goodness is good for them is not in the Mac & Cheese playbook.
This should be a hell yeah! for you.
Who is Saya and why is she the person to create this tool?
Saya’s a paid speaker & facilitator whose gigs have brought her to Palm Springs, Park City, the Ozarks, and New York City. She’s been the opening keynote, closing keynote, panelist, and a multi-day retreat facilitator. She’s spoken at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, NYU law school, and 2022’s United States’ Best Ski Hotel. Clients include Eventbrite, Feeding America, and Discover.
Many of Saya’s 1 on 1 clients are those seeking speaker support.
She’s a champion of valuing and knowing yourself and getting paid. It’s like, her thing.
Besides having an infectious charismatic, belly laugh personality and relatable, inspiring content, Saya possesses a knack for systems, lists, and deadlines. A Huffington Post article called her “Chicago’s productivity-guru,”  she’s an Evernote Certified Consultant, was featured in the Gmail  Genius and Google Content Creator series, and teaches Time Management to individuals and groups. She and her husband’s first conversation was about spreadsheets.
Saya’s a proud Boston College English & Sociology major who has been writing and helping others write, and find their voice and their stories, for oodles of years.
She’s run a successful business since 2004.
She does the work, over delivers, leads by example, and lifts up others often by helping them do the thing they struggle to do.