Bring Mac & Cheese to Your City

After years of “Some day!” responses to “When are you bringing Mac & Cheese to my city?” inquiries, M&C is ready to cross the border!

If you a) live outside of Chicago and b) you’re interested in learning of when this occurs and/or want Mac & Cheese in your city, fill out “Mac & Cheese Me In Person” below.

If you want to run Fear Experiment℠ in your area, head here.

If you’d like to be alerted to webinar offerings, fill out “Bring Mac & Cheese To Me Via Webinars” below.

A note for anyone outside of the Chicagoland area — do consider coming to Chicago and/or adding M&C to your Chicago-itinerary if you find yourself in this fair-city. We’ve had folks from all over participate in Chicago M&C’ness: LA, Seattle, Wisconsin, Maine, Jersey, Connecticut, Philly, Denver… The main offering out of town’ers have participated in is Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp.

Mac & Cheese Me In Person

Bring Mac & Cheese To Me Via Webinars