Bring Mac & Cheese to You

After years of “Some day!” responses to “When are you bringing Mac & Cheese to my city?” inquiries, M&C now crosses state lines and country borders.

If you want to run Fear Experiment℠ in your area, head here.

If you a) live outside of Chicago and b) you’re interested in learning of when Mac & Cheese is in and/or want Mac & Cheese in your city, click below.

Hit escape to return to this page without submitting your answers (they may not save though so you might want to compose elsewhere and then copy and paste here).

Webinars are another way for you to participate if you’re outside of Chicago. You can check the Calendar Page to see if there are any upcoming offerings as well as sign up for the newsletter and/or follow Mac & Cheese on social for announcements of new offerings.

A note for anyone outside of the Chicagoland area — do consider coming to Chicago and/or adding M&C to your Chicago-itinerary if you find yourself in this fair-city. Folks from all over have participated in Chicago M&C’ness: LA, Seattle, Wisconsin, Maine, Jersey, Connecticut, Philly, Denver, London… from Chicago Concierge to Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp.