General FAQs

Mac & Cheese sounds cool. But what do you actually do?

Whatever we enjoy doing and people will pay us for (and sometimes not pay us for 😄; but usually, payment is required). The ol’ “find something that makes you happy and use it to make others happy” cliché. For a less vague answer check out the Offerings Page to see concrete examples and noodle around in this post: How do YOU think I make money?

I hear you have a list for everything. True?

Pretty true. Both of the “Wow, this is really helpful!” and “Wow, I have no use for this knowledge!” variety.

A sampling — 

  • Service Provider Recommendations
  • Life of Yes℠ Resources (books, activities, podcasts, tech tools, etc.)
  • Home Office Recommendations
  • Coffeehouse Recommendations
  • Pet Peeves
  • Material Item Recommendations (cleaning, kitchen, tech, writing, etc.)
  • Boyfriend Criteria
  • Excuses for everything

Head here for all the Mac & Cheese lists.

Can you share my event/job opening/thing I’m trying to sell/______ with your network?

Probably! As long as it fits Cheese-Its interests and/or has a Life of Yes℠ vibe. This is a service offered through Mac & Cheese Productions℠. Head here to find out how to get exposure to Cheese-Its.

Can we meet for coffee/a drink or can I send you a DM, tag you on social, send you a “quick” email so I can pick your brain*, hear your story, run an idea by you, get some advice, ________?

So flattered! Really, truly. That you deem Saya someone you’d seek time with and info from. But, no. Unless you want to hire her; she’s available as a consultant in various capacities. Would you ask your dentist to coffee and say, “Could you give a quick glance at my back left molar? It’s killing me and I’m not sure what to do” and expect her to both say yes to the invite and giving you free a dental exam? The reason you’re reaching out is usually a service Saya offers through Mac & Cheese, whether via 1-on-1 consulting, video tutorials, e-books, or group offerings. So many requests, only so much time to make a living, get to her own too long To Do List, roll in the grass. Thank you for deeming Saya someone worthy of your time but sometimes living a Life of Yes℠ means saying no. Read this post for more insight into this angst’y area.

That said…

Saya loves to connect at events, whether her own events or other people’s events. Bonus, you get to meet a plethora of amazing folks and be entertained/learn something. Got a cleaning question? Come to a cleaning offering. Got a productivity question? Come to a productivity offering. You get the idea. Check out the calendar for upcoming Mac & Cheese events and come on out.

Your questions about what XYZ Saya recommends or other specific topic inquiries are often answered on the Lists Page. If you can’t find your answer there, there’s the cleaning e-book or video tutorials in the Store. If you still want or need more support, the aforementioned consulting or events are the way to go.

If you’re looking for a life coach or other folks who specialize in one-on-one’ness beyond what Saya offers, check out the Service Provider Referral list.

If you want to hear the M&C story and philosophy, and apply it to your own life, the Life of Yes℠ Workshop is your best bet. Or read the About Page. Or check out the myriad of press on Mac & Cheese. Or come to any of the public speaking engagements listed on the calendar.

*On the topic of the “pick your brain” phrase — 

Can you speak for free?

Saya does not speak for free so if you don’t have a speaker budget, she is not a good match. Much like how a mechanic fixes cars or a stylist cuts hair for a living and uses what people pay them for bills, mortgages, groceries, so it is with Saya and speaking. If you have funds for a speaker and are interested in having Saya inspire, motivate, and a-ha! your audience, check out the Mac & Cheese  speaker page.

Do you accept Guest Posts?

Mac & Cheese does not accept unsolicited Guest Posts. Guest Posts are from people who either are approved partners or from people whom Saya asks directly.

How do you pronounce Saya’s name?


Like Maya Angelou. But with an “S”. And with fewer Pulitzer Prizes.

Fun fact: did you know Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Ann Johnson?!

Why “Mac & Cheese Productions”?

It’s universally-loved, it’s comfort-food, it’s memorable…

A Cheese-It said it best: “The name ‘Mac & Cheese’ embodies all that Saya has created: warmth, goodness and fulfillment. Overall good food for the soul (without the calories!).”

Where can I find your headshot, logo, other marketing materials?

On the Media Kit page.

I don’t see _______ on the Calendar; when’s the next one?

Great question whose answer is always a “Thank you for being interested!” shrug. No Mac & Cheese offering is on a set schedule or has a secret date that just hasn’t been announced yet. Offerings are added to the calendar as soon as a date is selected and as Mac & Cheese’s schedule and passion for XYZ allows. If you don’t see something you’re interested in on the calendar, keep M&C on your radar by getting on the newsletter list and/or following on social to be alerted when new dates are added.

What’s the difference between a Life of Yes℠ (LOY) Workshop and Camp?

The LOY workshop is a class, with Saya sharing lecture-style and then participants sharing their subsequent thoughts in small groups or in the whole group.

LOY Camp is an intense yet relaxing weekend getaway that is a mix of individual, small group, and whole group activities and a mix of passive-participation and active-participation. Solo attendance is required. 

Can I run Mac & Cheese events in my city?

If you bring M&C to you, yes! In person or virtually.

Do you offer Mac & Cheese in places outside of Chicago?

Many Mac & Cheese offerings are virtual, meaning it doesn’t matter where you live. And of course, Mac & Cheese travels wherever people bring us. Life of Yes Sleepaway Camp is great for anyone, wherever you live — campers have come to Chicago from Maine, NYC, Seattle, LA, Philly…

Can I buy a gift card for a Mingler, Camp, a cleaning, your other offerings to give to a loved one?

Absolutely! Head to the Mac & Cheese Store.

Are you hiring? Do you need an intern? A partner? 

You can see job openings here. To sponsor, head here. To volunteer, head here. To collaborate, head here. If you live outside of Chicago, head here