Cleaning Services

I bill myself as a clean freak but the reality is that I hate gross things. My roommate and I treated ourselves to a cleaning and it felt like a vacation. I trust Saya when she says she’ll do a bang-up job, and she did. After Saya left, my roommate and I walked from room to room and marveled at the cleanliness. Clean fans! No more dust around the vent on the bathroom floor! Clean garbage cans! CLEAN MICROWAVE! I would pay for Saya to clean my house every day if I could.

 Have you 

  • Asked your network for a cleaning person referral only to come up empty?
  • Been asked for a cleaning person referral only to have no one to recommend?
  • Cleaned after the cleaning person left because he/she missed a spot (or ten)?
  • Felt “Well, that was a waste of money” after a cleaning person left?
  • Dreaded having guests because you didn’t want to clean in preparation?
  • Cursed your life when scrubbing, washing, spritzing, sweeping because you detest cleaning?
  • Cleaned before the cleaning person came, afraid of judgment?
  • Felt shame around the state of cleanliness of your home?
  • Stressed out about tipping a cleaning person because you’re not sure if you should or how much to tip?
  • Had a cleaning person not show up or show up late?
  • Had a cleaning person ignore your requests?
  • Felt annoyed because you have to re-explain, re-show, redo due to a new cleaning person instead of the one who came last time?  
  • Felt trepidation about letting a cleaning person into your home while you’re not there?
  • Felt that a cleaning person has saved your relationship with your roommate or significant other?
  • Felt that a cleaning person is totally worth the money when it’s done right?
  • Felt giddy knowing that when you get home your place is gonna be a pristine paradise? 

Meshing Saya’s love of order, serene environments, and using her superpowers to bring joy to others with her desire to flourish her business through physical work, Mac & Cheese Productions℠ offers residential cleaning services.

Who is this for?

You live in the city of Chicago and 

  • You hate cleaning
  • You’re busy and don’t have time to clean
  • You’d rather spend your time _______ than cleaning
  • You’re having/had a get-together
  • You’re moving and need a move-out cleaning of the space you’re leaving
  • You’re moving and need a move-in cleaning of the space you’re heading
  • You have an Airbnb and need to have it cleaned before guests arrive
  • You’re a realtor or landlord and need a space to be listing-Open House-new tenant-new owner ready

Of Note

Do you have a doggie?
  • As an add-on, Saya is happy to walk Doggie when she’s at your home for a cleaning
  • She only does walks if she’s cleaning, she’s not a dog-walker for hire

Do you have any shame surrounding the cleanliness of your space?

  • Saya has thrown cookies in the trash out of disgust for eating so many and an hour later, eaten said cookies — if she can share that with you, you can have her clean you space
  • No judgment. This is like when you’re worried to go to a yoga or cardio class for the first time because everyone will be staring at you as you obviously have no idea what you’re doing — no one is looking at you, they’re all in their own heads, worried that you’re judging them.
  • Saya is there to clean and clear her head, not to fill it with thoughts about you


If you are looking for someone that will give your home extra TLC and attention to detail, Saya is your woman. I like to think of myself as a fairly clean person but the truth is that I am more “surface clean.” Besides the cleaning basics, you know those icky, grungy spots in your house that you ignore for a long time, hoping they will go away? I’m talking about the area under the stove, the ring around the faucet and drains, the corners of the bathtub, the area behind the toilet seat, the dust build-up on fans…Saya will find and get rid of that grossness so you can stop feeling guilty about it. I was very happy with Saya’s cleaning and it felt so good to enjoy my home afterwards.

Services Provided

Standard Cleaning

  • Garbage — take out (large debris excluded) and clean receptacles
  • Accessible surfaces
  • Floors
  • Mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Rugs — shake out and/or vacuum (if you provide a vacuum)
  • Dishwasher — load and run
  • Microwave exterior and interior
  • Appliance exteriors
  • Toilet, tub/shower, and sink
  • Bed — make (linens changed if left out)

Add Ons

  • Dog-walk
  • In-unit non-clothes laundry (bedding and towels) — wash, dry, and fold
  • Oven interior
  • Fridge interior
  • Cabinets interior (kitchen and/or bathroom) — included in move-in and move-out if cabinets are empty
  • Interior windows — note that if windows are higher than 6’ Saya can reach, you’ll need to provide a step-stool or ladder
  • Ceiling fans (1-2 fans) — ladder must be provided; every 1-2 fans over the initial two is an additional $25
  • Baseboards 
  • Knick-knacks (1-2 rooms) — every 1-2 rooms over the initial two is an additional $25
  • Walls

Not Provided

  • Exterior windows
  • Fireplaces
  • Dishes (beyond loading and running dishwasher)
  • Rugs/carpets (beyond vacuuming if vacuum is provided)
  • Window treatments (blinds, curtains, etc.)
  • Occupied closets
  • Biohazards
  • Chandeliers
  • Ducts and vents
  • Clothes
  • Moving heavy furniture/appliances
  • Pest infestation
  • Pet waste/litter
  • Upholstery
  • Deep stain removal


I have never hired anyone to clean my home before, but I broke my ankle and was reminded of a life lesson that took a long time for me to learn: it’s ok to ask for help! I immediately booked Saya. Saya is careful, thorough, and enthusiastic about making everything nice and shiny. She is friendly to cats, while also tough on grease. Having a restored home and a friendly presence have been helpful mentally as I recover physically!


This table lists representative costs per visit for “typical” residential spaces. Upon the First-Timer Visit, Saya will confirm the rate or make a revision if applicable. All cleaning supplies included (if you prefer she use your products, just let her know).
Any of the Add Ons above are $25 per request. Unless you live in a castle and have a ridiculous amount of ______. Rate will be adjusted if you have an a-typical situation.

Booking Interest Form

This’ll help Saya determine if she can give you what you want. Before you fill this out, you may want to peruse the FAQs below.


Why Saya?

  • She loves cleaning
  • She’s good at cleaning
  • She’s personal and professional
  • Look at how she comforts herself when stressed — notice a theme?!


Why can’t you book Saya automatically? Why do you have to fill out a Booking Request Form?

Cleaning is one of many branches of the Mac & Cheese Productions℠ tree. Her client roster is kept small so that she has time to grow the other branches and so that she can give her clients 110% with a smile on her face. Quite frankly, if she cleaned all day, every day, she’d come to detest it and either stop doing it or do it grumpily. No one wants grumpy cleaning.
She also wants to ensure a good match — location, frequency, type of cleaning, etc.

Do you need to be home?

Nope, in fact Saya prefers to clean when you’re not there so that she can focus on making your space sparkle top to bottom. Let her be your invisible cleaning fairy.


How does Saya access your space?

You’ll provide her with a key at the complimentary first-timer’s visit.


What’s the first-timer’s visit?

After you’ve booked Saya, she’ll come out for a tour, any insight/requests you want to share, and for a copy of your key. Moving forward, she’ll be your invisible cleaning fairy, doing her magic while you’re out.

What’s the tipping policy?

No tips.

Why can’t you tip Saya?

You can! Just not in (direct) money.
Tipping causes people stress — How much? Should I, shouldn’t I? What if I don’t want to but feel like I have to? Saya removes that angst. Don’t (traditionally) tip.
She’d love if tipped her though through spreading the word about Mac & Cheese Productions℠. Since she started in 2004, she’s been 100% word of mouth because of people like you. What can you spread? General Mac & Cheese’ness. And/or specifically her workplace offerings (speaking, teaching, and facilitating), her Camp, her storytelling class, and her webinars. Even better? Get your work to bring her in! Suggest her to a conference organizer! Attend Camp! Take a class!


What cleaning supplies are used?

Saya uses Method.


Do you need to provide anything for a cleaning?

A step-stool/ladder if there’s anything 6″ Saya can’t reach. A vacuum if you have vacuum needs. Linens put out if you want fresh sheets.


Is commercial space cleaning available?

Cleaning is limited to residential spaces.


How many people will clean your home?

One, Saya. 

Will you always have the same cleaner?

Yep, Saya.

How do you pay for your cleaning?

Saya accepts Chase QuickPay, Venmo, or credit card.

When is payment due?

Payment is how you book Saya so whenever you’re ready for her to work her magic.


Why shouldn’t you book a less expensive service?

If you find one you like, by all means, do! Saya tired of being repeatedly frustrated with the ones she herself used and decided quality and dependability was worth more money.

How much time will it take?

The amount of time it takes to clean your home depends on a number of factors but traditional cleanings take two to four hours. 


What’s the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or skip a cleaning day, give Saya at least a five business days heads up. That will give her time to reshuffle the schedule. She’ll happily give you a credit for a future cleaning.
If a cancellation is made with less than five business days notice, the full price of your cleaning will be charged. Once Saya has accepted your job request, she has committed your appointment to her schedule and cannot accept other clients during that time. Last-minute cancellations lead to unfillable time slots, which is no bueno.


What’s the refund policy?

There are no refunds unless Saya is (uncharacteristically) unable to keep an appointment.
“But what if I’m not happy with the cleaning?” You will be.
“What if I need to reschedule?” You’ll get a credit for a future cleaning if you reschedule with at least five business days notice.


What if your scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday?

If your cleaning falls on a holiday and you’d rather Saya not come, we’ll reschedule, easy-peasey! Sometimes Saya works holidays, so we’ll cross that bridge.


If you want to hire Saya for a move-in or move-out, anything special to consider?

This should be scheduled after other service providers (movers, contractors, etc.) are finished with their services so they don’t re-dirty what was just cleaned.