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05/09/2018 - 06/27/2018

Life of Yes℠ Storytelling Class

Especially geared for people who feel they don’t have any stories or who want support in unearthing their stories. Also geared towards folks who think public speaking, storytelling, sharing about themselves in front of others sounds like the worst thing ever.

This class meets once a week, for eight weeks, from 6:30-9:30pm.



WEBINAR - Life of Yes℠ Travel: Minimize Expense, Maximize Experience

Central Standard Time.  If you can’t join us live, you can still reap the goodness! Registrants will get a replay after the webinar concludes which’ll be available for two weeks to watch at your leisure.

Saya and Pete have traveled together, from Omaha to Oslo, since 2010. Taste-wise, she’s Four Seasons, he’s Motel 6; budget-wise, they’re somewhere in the middle. Light and frugal travel is their jam. Saya’s learned to pack everything in a carry-on, Pete’s learned that being pampered can be nice. Together they enjoy street-food, bike tours, and local recommendations you won’t find in guidebooks. They use their mutual love of spreadsheets and the latest apps to make on-the-road adventure a priority and an attainable reality.

This 60-minute webinar will help you travel within your budget. While other topics will be touched, the session is financially-focused. It includes philosophies and strategies, specific tips and tools, and Pete and Saya’s personal experiences. They’re all about transparency and sharing their knowledge.

Think your people would appreciate knowing about this? You can easily invite them and/or share via the Facebook Event.

Refund Policy: there are no refunds so please make sure you can join live or can watch the replay within the two week timeframe before you register.


07/06/2018 - 07/08/2018

Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp

A rejuvenating, inspiring weekend away. Unplugged. Everyone comes solo.



Life of Yes℠ Showcase

A diverse group of Cheese-Its honing their public speaking and/or storytelling skills and choosing to challenge themselves to face fears and share on a topic of their choosing in a warm, friendly, you can do no wrong environment.

An adult recital if you will.

Facebook Event if you like to track and/or invite to events that way.



Life of Yes University: Romantic Relationships Edition

Life of Yes℠ University is an immersive, interactive, reflective learning experience led by husband and wife team Pete & Saya.

The Romance Edition focuses on relationships of the dating and marriage variety. If you’re interested in exploring romantic relationships, the good, the bad, and everywhere in-between, join us for tools, strategies, and community with which to go forth with confidence.

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09/23/2018 - 09/23/2019

Licensing Opportunity: Fear Experiment℠

The dates are meaningless here, just numbers that have to be plugged in to include in calendar. Rolling opportunity.

In Fear Experiment℠, as a way to challenge themselves and meet others, people learn an art-form (dance, storytelling, a capella, stepping, or improv) with a group of strangers, all of whom have an element of fear in regards to something about the experience, in preparation for performing in front of hundreds. The show is inspiring evening of people facing fears in the most public way possible — on stage, under the lights, in front of an oft-sold out theater. It’s an adult recital x10000.

After six years, 350+ participants, 6700+ audience members, Fear Experiment℠ (FE) Chicago ended Fall 2016. Read why here.

But, if you live outside of Chicago — the suburbs, another state, another country — and you’d like to bring FE to you, you can!