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JOB: Fear Experiment℠ Producer 11/19/2016 - 11/19/2017

JOB: Fear Experiment℠ Producer

After six years, 350+ participants, 6700+ audience members, Fear Experiment℠ (FE) Chicago ended Fall 2016. Read why here.

But, if you live outside of Chicago — the suburbs, another state, another country — and you’d like to bring FE to you, you can!

In FE, as a way to challenge themselves and meet others, people learn an art-form (dance, storytelling, a capella, stepping, or improv) with a group of strangers, all of whom have an element of fear in regards to something about the experience, in preparation for performing in front of hundreds. The show is inspiring evening of people facing fears in the most public way possible — on stage, under the lights, in front of an oft-sold out theater! It’s an adult recital x10000.

Become an FE Producer to bring its goodness to your community!


Life of Yes℠ Storytelling Class 03/13/2017 - 05/01/2017

Life of Yes℠ Storytelling Class

A non-fiction class where you are the inspiration for what you pen. Don’t worry if you think there’s nothing within you from which to be inspired. There is. Saya’s an expert at digging through the I can’ts to unearth the Hell Yeahs and the A-Has.

The meat of class material will be your stories. You’ll be led through brainstorming activities, you’ll read and critique the stories of your classmates, and you’ll write and share your own narrative. Class is intimate and workshop’y to allow for a high-level of participation and attention. We’ll also spend time on the art of performance storytelling — pacing, what to do with your hands, the power of silence, responding to audience reaction, what to do when you mess up, tricks to help you kill it on stage.

We will meet once a week on Mondays for three hours, for eight weeks. At the end of our eight weeks, we’ll have a show — open to loved ones, enemies, and the public — where everyone will share a story. Our show will be within a few weeks of our last class — we’ll pick a date that works for all.


Life of Yes℠ Living Room Meetup 04/05/2017

Life of Yes℠ Living Room Meetup

Comfortable chatting with strangers on couches and armchairs about how to live a full life – professionally, socially, romantically, whatever-ally… Sharing of resources, ideas, and overall positivity. For the difference between a Life of Yes℠ meetup, workshop, and camp, head here


Idea Potluck 04/18/2017

Idea Potluck

Idea Potluck is about ideas rather than food, bringing together a diverse array of pre-selected people who each get six minutes to share whatever they’d like to share. As an audience member, you sit back, absorb, and enjoy! Relaxed, fun way to meet others, learn, and be entertained.


"Life of Yes℠: Reframe and Reclaim Adulthood" Workshop 04/19/2017

"Life of Yes℠: Reframe and Reclaim Adulthood" Workshop

Saya shares personal stories from her life — one of fulfillment and traveling non-traditional paths — and offers ideas on how you can create the life you want. If you’re looking to answer “What do I want to do?” or “How do I get more out of life?” this class will get those wheels turning. 

For the difference between a Life of Yes℠ meetup, workshop, and camp, head here.


Introverts Playground 04/23/2017

Introverts Playground

An enjoyable, warm way to leave the house, use your mind, meet others, and experience new yet familiar. A day of crafts and discussion, solitude and community, gently and creatively facilitated.


Mingler 04/29/2017


Low-key, comfortable expanding of one’s network, where everyone comes solo for an evening of no-pressure mingling. Some people come for professional reasons, some for social reasons, some for romantic reasons — everyone comes because they’re interested in being in a room full of friendly strangers. This is NOT a singles event (people in relationships come, just not with their significant other). 


Productivity Class 05/20/2017

Productivity Class

Saya shares the tools she uses to help her juggle the projects, people, To Do lists, calendars, email+ in her life. She shares an overview of numerous resources (mostly tech-based) that she uses on regular basis, along with tips and insight, to give you a starting point to deciding which tools to further investigate and incorporate into your own life.

This class is not about learning the ins and outs of specific tools, but about someone else narrowing the overwhelming field of options and presenting her best-practices for you to pick and choose which you’d like to learn on a deeper level. 


Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp 07/14/2017 - 07/16/2017

Life of Yes℠ Sleepaway Camp

A weekend away. Unplugged. Everyone comes solo.

“LOY Sleepaway Camp was perfect for me when I really needed something to help me hit the “reset” button.” – past camper

For the difference between a Life of Yes℠ meetup, workshop, and camp, head here.