1. Ingo
    Ingo at

    You guys give me hope 🙂

    1. If only you were still in Chicago, German! I have a bevy of girls who I’d set you up with….

  2. love this!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at

    i have heard many alternative-engagement-ring stories, but this one takes the cake. you need to send this post to Apple. the photo of the three rings on the keyboard is – alone – enough to get someone’s attention! “Dear Tim Cook: I told him that the ring(s) can be fake, but the Mac *has* to be real. Love, Saya and Fiancee

    1. Leslie
      Leslie at

      oops, don’t know how i came up as anonymous – no secrets here!

      1. Thought the same thing Leslie! I looked up Apple’s twitter handle and all I came across are billions of articles on how Apple ironically doesn’t do social media. At least not to the extreme of most companies their level. Perhaps an email to some random store will make its way to the big cheese…

  4. Love it, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading Ed!

  5. Casey
    Casey at

    You always have the best stories 🙂

    1. Thanks for the FB tag and shout-out to Apple!

  6. leslie
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    Love this story! I’ve heard that a century or so ago the standard engagement ring was a colored stone. Then DeBeers marketers stepped in to convince us it had to be a diamond if it was true love. So perhaps you are on the edge of the next evolution… “if you truly love me, you will get a Mac.”

    1. leslie
      leslie at

      Or, better, “if you truly love me, you will know what is it that will make my heart leap.” But that one won’t have a big marketing machine. ; )

  7. […] three fake engagement rings and one real engagement Mac Book Air […]

  8. Bela
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    Saya, you are awesome 🙂 Great story!

  9. Mary
    Mary at

    I love alternative engagement rings. Mine was an HD TV with HDMI ports. But we do have matching titanium wedding bands with a double dragon logo we designed together for our weddding.

    1. Saya
      Saya at

      Ha, love it Mary! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Brittany
    Brittany at

    I have loved reading about your wedding and checking out your pinterest! I definitely love your tastes and frugality! Bartering is the best! Any chance you can tell me the website the ring is from? I am shopping around right now and am curious on the price ranges they carry. Thanks! And Congrats!

    1. Saya
      Saya at

      Thanks Brittany! It (or should I say they) are from Overstock.com. Good luck with your shopping —

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