Workplace Facilitator

"We were looking to spice up our company offsite and have a unique team building session. Living a Life of Yes fit in perfectly with our agenda. It was exactly what the team needed! Saya and Pete added so much color, energy and fun to the afternoon. Everyone really enjoyed the day and, most importantly, learned something new about themselves and their co-workers."
"The workshop was a huge hit and impacted our organization many levels. As a staff we were able to really take a step back and see each other for the creative people we are as well as appreciate the difference in how we approach ambiguous situations. I have to say I was so proud of everyone for jumping in and building in the creativity of the team. The interns were also the recipients of some terrific learning opportunities as they were able to see firsthand how important energy is in presentation and how to enjoy the creative process."
“Saya was such a pleasure to work with. From her positive attitude to her incredible detail and organization, preparing for the event was seamless. My group left motivated and inspired!”
“It was an absolute pleasure to attend Saya’s session, I hadn’t laughed that much all week and it really set the tone for my day! Her talk was vulnerable, encouraging, and really made me pause to think about how I want to approach a meaningful life of yes. Her enthusiasm and infectious smile rippled through the audience and proved her passion for helping those who seek purpose. It’s rare that a speaker makes such a lasting impression, especially at 9 am on a Friday, but Saya proved herself a compassionate and dedicated individual and I’m so excited to see what’s next!”
"To our surprise and delight, even though some team members had initial reservations being goofy and vulnerable in front of their coworkers, everyone unanimously reported afterward that they found the session to be highly valuable and would do it again without hesitation. Pete has a real knack for putting people at ease - he got our entire team to open up, laugh and most importantly have fun! If you are looking for a unique team building experience that will get even the most reserved members of your team to loosen up and get silly, we would highly recommend Pete!"
"I wanted to give my feedback for the experience that my team and I from Rush took part in at Mac & Cheese Productions. I personally thought it was an excellent team building experience. It was not only a great icebreaker to get to know my team members better, but also a way for us to think outside the box a little and act goofy. I think we are all so used to acting a certain way around our peers that we forget to let loose sometimes and this experience provided just that . I have to say I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. I also thought it was useful that after each segment, you briefed us on the purpose of that segment so we could put that into context."
"Pete has an incredible way of putting people at ease almost instantaneously...even with a group that didn’t know what they were stepping into until about 5 minutes beforehand! Everyone had a blast and Pete did an excellent job of starting us off relatively easy and building up to more challenging, "out-of-the comfort zone" games. I really appreciate how he highlighted how the games not only apply to our sales and engineering roles but our personal lives as well. A highlight of our Sales Kickoff Event."
"Improv with TeamPete provided our staff and members with a safe space to get silly, tap into the childlike part of their brains, and think about how their instinctual reactions and communication styles affect their lives and work. It was a wonderful professional development opportunity."
"Our students range in age and background so we needed a way to bring them together to increase team building and communication. Pete brought great energy and knew how to keep the class motivated too. And who doesn’t love laughing and clucking like a chicken in your work day??!!!"
"I hired Pete to conduct an improv session with my team to help build their presentation skills and be able to respond to questions on the fly. Pete did a wonderful job. He had a great way of getting us to feel more comfortable with each other and build camaraderie. He was fantastic at observing us and picking up the distinctions of each of our personalities and his feedback was on point and extremely helpful. Pete did a great job of making what seemed to be silly exercises on the surface relevant for public speaking on a professional, and personal, level."
"Pete was one heck of a treat! His endeavor to use improv as a tension reliever and team-building mechanism was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for bringing life to our studio and active inspiration to my fellow cycle mates and I. I sure would enjoy having Pete return for a weekly session."

If you don’t see an area below that fits what you’re looking for, feel free to fill out the inquiry form and specify what/whom you’re looking for — the Mac & Cheese Facilitator Rolodex is robust and Mac & Cheese may be able to connect you to the perfect someone.

Let Mac & Cheese curate a half-day, full-day, or multi-day Life of Yes℠ program to address your needs and desires — the best traits of summer camp applied to the professional and personal development space.

Whether you’re looking for team-building, skill enhancement, or guidance through a stressful period — sales quotas, layoffs, interpersonal strife — our unique, interactive experience allows participants to discover and grow in surprising and poignant ways. We easily adapt to what makes the most sense for your group and are pros at mixing it up to keep energy and attention levels high. While “fun” methods and a relaxed vibe are employed, real, applicable, transferrable, actionable work is accomplished. It feels good and imparts lasting effects when you let go and when you hear and relate to others’ personal experiences. And thus the magic of yes.

Impactful. Applicable. Engaging.

  • lunch & learns
  • brown bags
  • retreats
  • off-sites
  • planning sessions
  • team meetings
  • annual meetings
  • conferences
  • networking events
  • engagement activities
  • ideation sessions
  • personal development
  • professional development

Nitty Gritty

We’re based in Chicago and travel everywhere.
Your place or ours. We can recommend other offsite venues as well.
The ideal time frame is at least 90 minutes, 3 to 4 hours is traditionally best. If constraints require less time, let us know via the below form and we’ll see what we can do. We also do multi-day engagements.
All materials included.

Facilitator Request

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  • If you know the exact address, great! If you just know city or state or the like, that's ok too. If you know the location, please describe the setting -- e.g. conference room, coworking space, retreat center. If you're interested in Mac & Cheese hosting the event, note that here. Capacity of 40. If you don't yet have a venue and would like recommendations, note that here and include any space parameters (e.g. close to the highway, off the Redline, able to hold 150) and desires (e.g. non-conference room vibe, access to nature); we'll see if we can make some suggestions.
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  • Is this your company? Social group? Professional group? "The client relation department of my law firm..." "My female entrepreneur group..." "My college alumni group..."
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  • "This audience LOVES _____ ..." "I prefer someone who incorporates _____ ..." Don't feel weird being specific. Like really specific. It helps Mac & Cheese figure out if they're a good match and to prepare something that fits your needs and desires.

Areas of Focus

Below can be stand alone sessions or if appropriate, can be combined. Is there an area you’re interested in that isn’t listed below? Note it on the inquiry form and if Mac & Cheese isn’t able to help, we may be able to direct you to someone who can.


If desired, can be customized to focus on the workplace. 

Realistic, simple, actionable steps to create a fulfilled, productive, and engaging life for yourself, framed through Saya’s relatable personal experiences and philosophies. She uses charisma, humor, vulnerability, and a dash of TMI to be a breath of fresh air on universal, age-old topics with which we all grapple. Through her shares about being a success and a failure she lessens overwhelm and creates a-ha moments, inspiration to try the scary, and a proactive perspective that life can be easy and joyful, even with the inevitable down periods, if you design it so.

There’s something magical that happens when you communicate your ideal life and even before that, when you’re able to actually pinpoint what your ideal life looks like. Sometimes figuring out what you want is the primary challenge and what needs to occur before figuring out steps to attain that life. It’s much easier to work towards something when you know what that something is. With that in mind, you’re led through a variety of wheels-turning activities to shift your perspective, get you thinking about things you’ve never thought about, and break down huge, overwhelming, where do I start?! goals into realistic and doable steps. You start with a blank canvas and fill it up with visual representations of how you’ll get where you want to be. Personally. Professionally. Spiritually. Romantically. Physically. Financially. Mentally. Whatever-ally. This isn’t about dreams of what you want, this is about the attainment of what you want.

“A minute into her talk How to be a Successful Pioneer, Saya had completely reassembled the notion of ‘success’ with a hilarious candor that easily won over the audience—even this jaded agency professional. She reaffirms what our collective gut has always known: when it comes to success we tend to check all the wrong boxes—someone else’s boxes. Her radical mission: to have the world value you for doing what you love. Her vision, to trigger transformation from within by coaxing you out of your comfort zone into your joy zone, challenges the winner/loser narrative that has reigned for too long in our quest for success.”

The Art of — 
  • Networking
  • Small Talk & Conversation
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales
  • Self Promotion
  • Cleaning
  • Personal Finance

Saya’s first conversation with her now husband was about their love of spreadsheets. A Huffington Post article called her “Chicago’s productivity-guru” and she was included in the Gmail Genius series. She shares big-picture philosophies as well as specific tools to manage life. If you’ve ever felt “There has to be a better way” or like a hamster in a hamster wheel, this session is for you. Saya narrows the daunting field and presents her favorite resources for you to choose which you’d like to implement and learn on a deeper level. From email and To Do Lists to shopping and travel, she makes life’s mundane yet necessary tasks easier and more enjoyable.


“I’m going to tell you a story” vs. “I’m going to share a Powerpoint with you” — which of these does the audience lean in for more of? Which causes a sense of relaxation, settling in, and comfort? Which of these is more likely to be memorable and shared afterward? Storytelling is the new marketing, the new networking.

This is for those who’d like to hone public speaking, presentation, and conversation skills, especially those who’d rather do anything else than be in the spotlight or share about themselves. The foundation from which we build is to work with what you already possess — no need for certification, an e-book, or a coach; no need for a more exciting life, more experience, or a better time; no excuses. Be a fabulous storyteller, now.

  • How often do we unknowingly make others uncomfortable?
  • How often do we think we’re doing the right thing when in fact there’s a right’er thing?
  • How often do we make others’ lives harder? Our own lives harder?

You know the adage “There’s one in every group”? What if, unbeknownst to you, you’re the one? The one who makes life difficult and others cringe, someone others complain about and would rather not be around? You’d probably be mortified to find out that something you do or say on the regular creates negativity. From how you send email to how you stand, from how you make intros to how you talk about yourself, learn best human being practices to ensure the impact of your actions and your words is one that makes others want to collaborate with you, interact with you, support you, and be around you.


Why improv?

  • Improv requires active listening, creativity, and collaboration
  • Improv lends itself perfectly to group work
  • Improv is fun

People relax when they laugh. Our team building allows participants to leave behind the need to be right, the expectations, and the judgment that often permeate work situations. When people get comfortable and allow themselves to be vulnerable, they open up to new ways of thinking, become better listeners, and work together with others more effectively. We create an atmosphere of fun that promotes discovery and skill development.

Improv enhances skills that directly translate to the workplace:

  • Listening
  • Embracing the unexpected
  • Valuing input from others
  • Thinking on one’s feet
  • Interacting with a range of personalities