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Let Mac & Cheese curate a half-day, full-day, or multi-day Life of Yes℠ program to address your needs and desires — the best traits of summer camp applied to the professional space.

Whether you’re looking for team-building, skill enhancement, or guidance through a stressful period — sales quotas, layoffs, interpersonal strife — our unique, interactive experience allows participants to discover and grow in surprising, poignant, and playful ways. Yet while “fun” methods are employed, real, applicable, transferrable, actionable work is accomplished. And thus the magic of yes.
When people get comfortable and allow themselves to be vulnerable, they open up to new ways of thinking, become better listeners, and work more effectively with others. Participants realize the value in leaving behind the expectations, need to be right, judgment, and fear that can permeate the workplace.
The short: it feels good and imparts lasting effects when you let go and when you play.
"We were looking to spice up our company offsite and have a unique team building session. Living a Life of Yes fit in perfectly with our agenda. It was exactly what the team needed! Saya and Pete added so much color, energy and fun to the afternoon. Everyone really enjoyed the day and, most importantly, learned something new about themselves and their co-workers."
"The workshop was a huge hit and impacted our organization many levels. As a staff we were able to really take a step back and see each other for the creative people we are as well as appreciate the difference in how we approach ambiguous situations. I have to say I was so proud of everyone for jumping in and building in the creativity of the team. The interns were also the recipients of some terrific learning opportunities as they were able to see firsthand how important energy is in presentation and how to enjoy the creative process."
“Saya was such a pleasure to work with. From her positive attitude to her incredible detail and organization, preparing for the event was seamless. My group left motivated and inspired!”
"To our surprise and delight, even though some team members had initial reservations being goofy and vulnerable in front of their coworkers, everyone unanimously reported afterward that they found the session to be highly valuable and would do it again without hesitation. Pete has a real knack for putting people at ease - he got our entire team to open up, laugh and most importantly have fun! If you are looking for a unique team building experience that will get even the most reserved members of your team to loosen up and get silly, we would highly recommend Pete!"
"I wanted to give my feedback for the experience that my team and I from Rush took part in at Mac & Cheese Productions. I personally thought it was an excellent team building experience. It was not only a great icebreaker to get to know my team members better, but also a way for us to think outside the box a little and act goofy. I think we are all so used to acting a certain way around our peers that we forget to let loose sometimes and this experience provided just that . I have to say I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. I also thought it was useful that after each segment, you briefed us on the purpose of that segment so we could put that into context."
"Pete has an incredible way of putting people at ease almost instantaneously...even with a group that didn’t know what they were stepping into until about 5 minutes beforehand! Everyone had a blast and Pete did an excellent job of starting us off relatively easy and building up to more challenging, "out-of-the comfort zone" games. I really appreciate how he highlighted how the games not only apply to our sales and engineering roles but our personal lives as well. A highlight of our Sales Kickoff Event."
"Improv with TeamPete provided our staff and members with a safe space to get silly, tap into the childlike part of their brains, and think about how their instinctual reactions and communication styles affect their lives and work. It was a wonderful professional development opportunity."
"Our students range in age and background so we needed a way to bring them together to increase team building and communication. Pete brought great energy and knew how to keep the class motivated too. And who doesn’t love laughing and clucking like a chicken in your work day??!!!"
"I hired Pete to conduct an improv session with my team to help build their presentation skills and be able to respond to questions on the fly. Pete did a wonderful job. He had a great way of getting us to feel more comfortable with each other and build camaraderie. He was fantastic at observing us and picking up the distinctions of each of our personalities and his feedback was on point and extremely helpful. Pete did a great job of making what seemed to be silly exercises on the surface relevant for public speaking on a professional, and personal, level."
"Pete was one heck of a treat! His endeavor to use improv as a tension reliever and team building mechanism was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for bringing life to our studio and active inspiration to my fellow cycle mates and I. I sure would enjoy having Pete return for a weekly session."


  • Stories and experiences, especially those rooted in transparency and playfulness, are memorable and infectious and inspire new approaches to work and life
  • Laughter, nostalgia, and “Me too!” provide the foundation for people to stretch themselves, support one another, and embrace and implement change
  • With possession of tools to deal with challenges comes better faculties to transform bad into good and to overcome obstacles
  • It is essential and beneficial to take time to reconnect with the meaning and value of one’s work

Impactful. Applicable. Engaging.

  • lunch & learns
  • brown bags
  • retreats
  • off-sites
  • planning sessions
  • team meetings
  • annual meetings
  • conferences
  • networking events
  • engagement activities
  • ideation sessions
  • professional development


  • Whole group, small group, & individual activities
  • On your feet & in your chair
  • Deep and probing & silly and playful
  • Reflective discussion to creative writing, arts & crafts to improv games


  • Positive company culture
  • Innovative ideation
  • Robust leadership
  • Enjoyable collaboration
  • Forward thinking problem solving
  • Authentic connection and relationships
  • Increased productivity
  • Celebration of diversity
  • Effective communication
  • Rejuvenation
  • Appreciation
  • Fulfillment

Nitty Gritty

Your place or ours.
We’re based in Chicago and travel everywhere.
The ideal timeframe is at least four hours. If constraints require less than that, let us know via the below form and we’ll see what we can do.
All materials included.
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