Emcee & Moderator

Planning a conference, panel discussion, special announcement, gala, or fundraiser?

One of the hardest roles, emcees and moderators are tasked with stitching together seamless events and keeping the energy-level up via presenting speakers, engaging and entertaining the audience, and keeping the event moving.

Whether it’s an intimate room of 20 or a theater of 700, Saya’s charisma and warmth engulfs and connects each individual. She’ll keep you on schedule and on message, and is happy to use a provided script, go off the cuff, or a combination of both.

She’s a master at making the difficult easy (or at least appear easy) and at maintaining the ideal balance of time-keeper, “Sorry, I’m going to have to cut you off there” and relaxed and cheerful host. Someone once called her “the accessible version of Oprah.”

No one likes to be that person who has to interrupt and ask someone to stop talking – awkward! – but an event that doesn’t have this person is painful. We’ve all experienced conversation monopolizers and events that feel directionless and leaderless. No fun.

So let Saya be that person. She fulfills the role with (firm) grace and lightheartedness.

Book Mac & Cheese as your emcee or moderator

Saya would be honored to work with your group. She is based in Chicago but loves to travel especially if the reason for the travel is to share her Life of Yes℠.

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