Online Communities

"I'm in here and stay in here because of the quality of people, to see what they are doing, to learn, and to be around "Saya-minded" individuals."
"I learned how to swim, made a guest Mac and Cheese travel blog appearance, and got an amazing photo shoot because of this group."
"I probably would leave Facebook if it wasn't for this group."
"It's a safe space!! I love that you are free to ask any question and people are always so nice and positive (100% by design). (Life of Yes℠) is where I go when I feel like my can-do meter is slipping, and I always feel pumped up!"
"I like supporting fellow LOY-ers and I don’t know how else I’d find them if it weren’t for this group or meeting them at specific LOY events."
"I love that this group is vetted. So when I ask for an opinion or advice I know we at least have one thing in common, we know and like Saya."

Mac & Cheese curates a variety of “by invitation” online groups, all rooted in helping to foster connections and in providing a space to support like-minded yet diverse individuals. Insert yourself into the M&C community and let your YES! light shine bright, you’ll get an invite to join.