Storytelling Showcase

You’re invited

We’re nearing the end of our eight-week storytelling journey —  join us for a celebratory, inspiring gathering of people challenging themselves and sharing themselves via this beautiful art form. An adult recital if you will. Students in this storytelling class are first time tellers and ready for you, their first audience. Each Teller will — nervously! excitedly! oh my god what am I doing’y! — share a true personal narrative crafted during our eight weeks together. (If you’re familiar with Fear Experiment℠ (FE), consider this Baby FE.)

Free to attend, registration required. Please release your ticket if plans change and you can’t make it (we often have a wait list). Stated times are CDT; adjust for your timezone if applicable.

Feel free to have us be your dinner entertainment; eating and drinking during stories encouraged. Open to all ages but content may not be child-friendly. You’ll need a device that can connect to the internet and the most uptodate Zoom (it’s recommended you use the Zoom app rather than join via a browser as it’s a more enhanced experience).

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  • Carrie Pruitt
  • Angie Garbot
  • Erin Vandenberg
  • Uduak Bassey
  • Adrienne Glover
  • Mai Heath
  • Margaret Pak

Grab a Ticket

If there are multiple people watching from one device, you only need to register for one ticket; registration is per device. If the registration widget gives you trouble, you can register via Eventbrite directly here.