Black Lives Matter Storytelling Scholarship


To learn more about storytelling class and to register, head here. If you’d like to gift a BLM scholarship, head here. If you’d like to apply for a BLM scholarship once the next class is announced, self-nominate via form below.

Class is open to anyone; the scholarship is for Black individuals. Before you apply, you’re encouraged to read class detail including dates here to make sure it’s a good fit.

If it is a good fit, you’re encouraged to nominate yourself! Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis so you can apply whenever a class is announced. Life of Yes℠, the only guaranteed No is to the question you don’t ask, or in this case, scholarship you don’t apply for, so fill out the form, cause you never know!
If there’s a spot for you, Mac & Cheese will be in touch. 

As there are limited scholarships, please only apply if you’re able to meet these requirements —


Required Materials

  • analog or digital note-taking materials
  • internet
  • the most updated Zoom app
  • a device with a camera (laptop, desktop, tablet, phone) that can connect to the internet
  • a quiet space

Other Requirements

  • on time attendance at every class
  • focused time outside of class to write and read every week
  • willingness to critique and be critiqued
  • showcase participation (both inviting people and sharing your story)
  • being on camera and active participation in class

Self-Nomination Form

  • Please make sure you type this correctly and use an email you actually check as it's the only form of contact.
  • This will only be used if Saya has trouble getting in contact with you for some reason via email.
  • The more specific, the better. E.g. instead of "a friend," "John James"
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    All attempts will be made to put you in your first choice, but it may be full. If you're open to either, please choose that as it increases your chance of being selected. CLASS DAYS/TIMES: Mondays, June 29th to August 17th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm CDT OR Wednesdays, July 1 to August 19, 5:30pm to 8:30pm CDT
  • As a way to give voice to those often silenced and unheard, this scholarship is for black individuals.
  • See class dates and times on webpage.
  • Workshop = be critiqued/share critique in a supportive manner
  • Make sure whatever time zone you live in makes sense for the CDT timing of class. You'll need a video and internet-capable device with Zoom downloaded on it.
  • Where showcase = each student sharing their story publicly to loved ones and strangers. We'll choose a showcase date that falls soon after our last class. You're expected to both invite people and tell your story.
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    Some times, if we haven't e-communicated before, Saya will end up in not your inbox a la spam, your promotions folder, etc. To avoid that, add Saya to your contact list. It's also a good idea to check spam/promotions occasionally, especially during a time when you're waiting to hear from someone. For further instructions on how to do this, check out (copy and paste link into your browser)