Mac & Cheese By The Bay: find your tribe in San Francisco

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Photo via The Embassy Network

For the past few years, I’ve experienced a mass exodus of Chicagoans for other zip codes.

Whenever people leave me (sniff), they inevitably ask: “Do you do Mac & Cheese in (insert place they’re heading)? If not, do you know of like-minded organizations? I’d love to meet new people, find my tribe…”

One of the most common destinations and requestors has been San Francisco.

I’m not out West (yet). Currently writing this from DC where I’m hosting my first East Coast Life of Yes Workshop tomorrow — I’m inching my way towards world domination. If you’re not in Chicago and want to be notified if/when I come your way, let me know here.

If you’re in San Francisco and need a Mac & Cheese-like fix now, I get it. Who wouldn’t want to find friendly strangers with whom to bike-ride and explore career options and go to improv shows with ASAP?

Here are some avenues for you to check out, some of which I’ve experienced and some of which my Western Cheese-Its have recommended:

Check out my International List below, many SF chapters.

Got any to add? Let me know in the comments!

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