Join Team Life of Yes℠ in the word of the week

I didn’t set out to go all Sesame Street on you of late but turns out we have a word of the week and it’s accountability.

As I do, I came up with an idea, well, three ideas, to help myself live a fuller life, a Life of Yes℠ (LOY) life if you will, and shared it. And as you do, you said, “Me too!” and waved your hand to say you also struggle and would like support with XYZ.

Before we get to the specifics, I want to share an article, If You Want to Become a Master at Problem Solving, Master These 7 Steps. You know I love lists, simplicity, and self-betterment, and this has the trifecta.

A taste, spotlighting numbers that directly correlate with the avenues to Life of Yes℠ accountability below —

3. Make a commitment with a commitment referee

4. Create a reward

5. Share your goals with others

Inject Life of Yes℠ Accountability Into Your Life

Team Life of Yes℠ Health Challenge

I recently lost 21 pounds in 46 days and don’t want to fall off the wagon because I reached the end of the three challenges I entered (and won!), so I created a way for me to continue my health journey.

I did the previous challenges solo. This time, lifted by all the cheerleading and the stories of struggle you shared with me in the past few months, I am interested in Go fight win’ing! along other Life of Yes’ers. It’s especially appealing to go fight win! with LOYers regardless of where they live. Residing in Chicago, I’ve been understandably Chicago-centric over the years. As the LOY community has grown, I’ve immensely enjoyed people the world over joining our wee but mighty army and do pretend cartwheels — I’ve never been able to do one, a deep sadness of mine — when someone in Paris joins a webinar, someone in Denver comes to Sleepaway Camp, someone in Atlanta engages in online dialogue, someone in Palm Springs hires me to keynote a conference. So any new avenues to Life of Yes℠ World Domination, yes please.

Enter, Dietbet —

Could weight loss actually be fun? Ask the 400,000 people who’ve played DietBet.

They’ll tell you that DietBet isn’t just fun. It changes lives. Dietbet players get hooked on the accountability, social support, and inspiration of the games—so they don’t just drop a few quick pounds, they build healthy lifestyles that last.

DietBet works by forcing you to make a concrete commitment. Then it holds your feet to the fire. 

The best part? It works. Players have lost 5 million pounds and we’ve paid out over $21 million to winners. Dietbetting is now a worldwide movement with over 400,000 players in 90 countries.

I was skeptical. I was wrong. I’m hooked.

The gist: you place a bet that you can lose a certain amount of weight in a certain timeframe. At the end, the winners, all the people who lose that amount, split the pot.

What I like most about Dietbet —

  • the ease
  • I’m not adding anything else to my calendar, e.g. a personal training session or a check-in phone call 
  • it’s no risk (if you commit to your health)
    • No Lose Guarantee — if you win, if you lose 4% of your body weight, you won’t lose money. Even if everyone in our game wins, Dietbet will forfeit their cut so winners never lose money.
  • there’s something for everyone — amount of bet, length of bet, people who want constant interaction, people who don’t want to interact at all, people with a lot of weight to lose, people with a little weight to lose, people who want to maintain their weight
  • money — this is the only motivator for me when it comes to health and I really like money; it lets you do fun stuff like travel and pedicures and pay bills (ok, not fun, but necessary)

If you’d like to join the Life of Yes℠ Dietbet team, head here.

It starts October 25th and goes until November 21st, with the goal to lose 4% of your body weight. The more players we have, the bigger the incentive. Questions? Check out the Dietbet FAQs. Then join us and invite your friends!

Accountability Buddy Rolodex

Due to the expansiveness and awesomeness of my network — why I already have a Single Person rolodex, Service Provider rolodex, Speaker rolodex — and due to consulting clients of mine continually struggling with and asking for support with getting sh*t done, I’ve created an Accountability Buddy rolodex.
You share what you need help with, what you’re looking for, all that jazz, and if I have a match for you, I connect ya.
Online, in person.
Once a week, once a month.
A mean drill sergeant, a fluffy unicorn.
Getting in shape, writing your book, saving money, taking the steps to quit your miserable soul-sucking job…
You decide.
It’s free (for now — as you read above, I like money).
If you struggle with following through, finishing, achieving goals you set for yourself, like so many of us do, insert your card in the Accountability Buddy Rolodex.
Life can be a lot easier when you travel it with someone at your side.

Cross It Off Day: a No Excuses Event

It’s been eye-opening to me how many of y’all responded positively to Drill Sargent Saya in my Bootcamps (Sales & Self Promotion, Public Speaking 101, How to Be a Speaker), as opposed to Fluffy Unicorn Saya that I’ve been most of my Mac & Cheese years. Still supportive but more likely to call you out on your excuses and push you even further out of the comfort zone.

If you need some Drill Sargent Saya in your life coupled with a day of no distractions, permission and an avenue to focus just on you, and guidance in finally crossing off that big, hairy task from your To Do List, check out the upcoming Cross It Off Day: a No Excuses EventKauai Coffee and ClifBar goodness for everyone.

So, you in?! All three? 2 of 3? 1 really pique your interest? Let’s do this, LOYers.