Life of Yes℠ Bootcamp: Public Speaking – What & How To Share

Date & Time

11/03/2018 | 11:30 am - 3:30 pm


presented by The Ironbank Mortgage Group

This is part of the Life of Yes℠ Bootcamp series. Current other editions are “Public Speaking: The Business Side” (which is about everything BUT content) and “Sales & Self-Promotion.” You can see if there are upcoming offerings on the Mac & Cheese Calendar Page. Enduring financial hardship and interested a Bootcamp Scholarship? Head here

What to say and how to say it?

If you’re interested in honing your ability to speak in front of others in a manner that’s engaging, memorable, comfortable, impactful, and inspiring, and especially if you’re nervous to be in the spotlight, then this Bootcamp is for you. Focus is on choosing and creating content.

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