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I enjoyed this class immensely! I was greatly inspired and moved multiple times from beginning to end. I was buzzing with so much excitement that I couldn’t fall asleep once I got home! Ideas and energy were just flowing through me. – Life of Yes℠ student

Mac & Cheese Productions workshop

Productivity Workshop

Saya loves sharing her personal and professional experiences and knowledge with others and then helping them apply that information to their own lives. Her workshops are personable, comfortable, and genuine, due both to Saya’s presentation style and to the attendees who ran the gamut as far as interests, demographics, and background but whom all possess a desire to live fully and are incredibly supportive and thoughtful, even with complete strangers.

One-off workshops and classes are usually two to four hours. Multi-session workshops and classes usually meet once a week for eight weeks.

Do you live outside of Chicago and want to participate in a webinar? Or maybe you live in Chicago but just hate leaving the house? Sign up below to be notified of when webinars are offered.


  • Life of Yes — How To Create and Live A Fulfilled Life: steps to help you create the life you want
  • Productivity: tools, tips and tricks that help you juggle life
  • “Evernote: You WANT to Use It, You’re Just Not Sure How” 
  • How to Network Better: networking doesn’t have to be the worst thing ever
  • Storytelling: yes, you DO have a story, and yes, you should share it
  • Personal Finance: taught by Saya’s Best Friend and Husband Pete (sign up here)
  • Travel Hacking: a webinar led by Pete & Saya (for other webinars, see below)

Real Experiences

“Saya set a wonderful energy for the class by breaking the ice and helping everyone get comfortable and acquainted. The steps she shared were inspiring. I left feeling uplifted with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm for taking my next steps. A very worthwhile class, recommended for anyone seeking an infusion of wild inspiration.” – Life of Yes student

“The class content was very interesting and I like the suggestions on how to make technology work better for you.” – Productivity student

“This class goes above and beyond any expectations you think it will or can be. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of this class. Saya’s unique approach on life is refreshing and her personal story is an inspiration.” – Life of Yes student

“Great way to learn about the many tools that can be used to organize our day to day and find a better work-play balance. Absolutely recommend.” -Productivity student

“Impressive to meet so many interesting people from all over the globe all interested in bringing more goodness into their lives. The class was extremely well thought out and full of laughter and useful information.” – Life of Yes student

“Saya made 17 different light bulbs go off in my head, one for each of her steps in. Thank you for inspiring me to go for it and “Nike” the heck out of life!” – Life of Yes student

Upcoming Workshops & Classes

Upcoming workshops are listed here. If you don’t see anything listed, check back a bit down the road. Or get on the e-list.

Webinars, Yes!