More on a Life of Yes℠

What is a Life of Yes℠? (LOY)

Your default is to think YES, why not?, let’s do it, instead of NO, what if, I can’t
  • you recognize and modify self-imposed constraints
  • you see value in being open and optimistic
You feel connected
  • to others, to opportunities (professionally and personally), to yourself
You have a supportive community of people who are up for anything
  • you have a tribe
  • you belong
  • you run into fellow LOYers all the time
You revert to kid’ness
  • laughing till your abs hurt/eyes water
  • doing something without passing judgment on others or yourself
  • using your hands, moving your body
  • play for play’s sake
You feel comfortably challenged
You’re a magnet for goodness
  • things fall in your lap
You spend your time doing what you want to be doing
You take action
You’re selfish in a positive way
  • self-love and self-care is a good thing and makes you a better friend, coworker, significant other, parent
You embrace your suckage and your differences and put them to work for you
When you hit a bump, you deal with it and you move on
You’re fulfilled and happy most of the time
  • You understand that you choose what your life looks like
You realize your superpowers and use them to better your life and the lives of others