Travel: Savannah, Georgia

Adorable town! Wish we had had more time to explore outside of the city, like Tybee Island. Everyone says it’s worth the trip.

A few recommendations —

  • Friends of a friend own Green Truck Pub. Great burgers, local fare, and ambiance. “It’s a story you’ve heard before. Boy goes to school. Boy becomes fancy-pants engineer. Boy marries awesome Girl. Boy ditches fancy-pants job to slave in a kitchen for very little pay. Girl shakes head.” I mean, c’mon. My kind of people. Tip: it gets busy and they don’t do reservations so go non-peak hours if you can or go prepared to be patient.
  • The Grey. MAKE RESERVATIONS! You get to eat in a 1938 Greyhound Bus Terminal, which is a cool thing in this case. Check out their Sunday Supper.
  • Coffeehouses —
  • Ride their ‘Divvy’. HA THAT’S A JOKE BECAUSE THEY ONLY HAVE TWO DOCKS SO YOU CAN ONLY GO ABOUT FOUR BLOCKS. I mean, we did. And found it hilarious. 
  • Walk down by the water and buy fudge you would never buy at home. Stroll through the countless parks and the historic district. Marvel at how much more space you can get here than at home and ponder moving to Savannah…

Recommendations from friends that we didn’t get to but our friends are awesome so we’re sure these are top-notch recos —

  • Vinnie Van Go Go’s for pizza
  • Moon River for beer
  • Elizabeth on 37th for Southern Coastal cuisine

When you go, if you see an adorable Craftsman or other space that’s Mac & Cheese’esque, put in an offer for me!

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