Looking for my Companion Pass buddy

I have a friend who’s about to get Companion Pass status with Southwest. She’ll need to choose her companion — “companion” being someone who gets to fly anywhere she goes for free, for a year (of course the nice thing would be for you two to split the one ticket). And it can’t change, it has to be that same person for the year. 
She could choose her mom.
Or she could choose YOU.
Single Chicago guy friends, who’s ready to play “Pick me as your companion!”?
Take her out and convince her you’re the one who’d be a perfect partner in adventure.
Imagine the stories, laughs, and who knows?!
Fill out the easy, breezy form below.
Here’s to living a Life of Yes℠.
PS – she’s funny, smart, full of life, and stupid adorable
PPS – did you know Southwest goes to Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico, and they’re talking about adding Hawaii?
PPPS – Best Friend and I have a companion pass and we saved $8900 over the past year and half using it. Our next travel webinar “Life of Yes Travel: Minimize Expense, Maximize Experience” is coming up, join us! We love sharing our tips, insight, and how we do what we do.

UPDATE: form closed. Thanks for your interest!