If there was ever a spreadsheet symbol of our love…

Airport Pickup: after Best Friend had been gone for almost two weeks in Estonia and Lithuania

Best Friend and I met in December 2009 and started “hanging out” January 2010 (he thought it was a date; I didn’t).

Our first trip, besides to a wedding the Western suburbs, was to Amsterdam, Paris, and Brugges July 2010. Pretty big trip to splurge on three months into dating and still four months away. I mean, would we last?

When ya know, ya know. Neither of us ever thought along those lines. And so we hopped over to Europe and had one of the most magical trips I’ve ever been on. We were hooked. On travel and on together.

That trip made me suggest upon our return that at some point he move in because I saw how we dealt with the inevitable stress, tension, and illogical brain workings that travel, especially foreign travel, especially when you’re together 24-7 for two weeks, especially when one of you is a Type A, only child who needs her space, can force to bubble up and fester.

And here we are, having just celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary and having just booked another exotic trip last night — Pittsburgh, y’all!

You may be, “Pittsburgh?! How does that compare to Amsterdam-Paris-Brugges?! Exotic?!” YES, PITTSBURGH. Cause I’ll be traveling with Best Friend who makes anywhere the trip of a lifetime.

And as if I didn’t already love him oodles upon oodles, just for fun, cause he finds numbers sexy, especially numbers that show financial-savvy and savings on our part, he created a spreadsheet that couldn’t represent our relationship, our values, and our lifestyle more perfectly.

We don’t have cable or Hulu or Netflix. We have a janky car. We don’t buy clothes or eat at oh-la-la restaurants. I don’t buy makeup, he doesn’t buy… what’s the guy’s equivalent to makeup? POINT IS, we choose to spend our money on our priorities in life and what makes us happy, and tops of that list is travel and exploration.

I so dig that while yes, we go to Belize and Miami and have a blast, we also go to Kansas City and Omaha and have a blast. Best Friends be Best Friend’ing wherever they are.

Travel Destinations Visited By Pete & Saya via Southwest Airlines April 2016 – December 2017

We don’t have kids so consider this a Proud Parent post. Look at our baby! I’m in love. With it and him.

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