The do your own thing, self-employment journey is certainly that, a journey. Some days, THE BEST. Some days, WHY AM I DOING THIS?! Especially when you hear your 9 to 5 friends talk about all their amazing perks.


Then you get a thank you note. Get written about in the New York Times. See two people become besties – get married – have a baby after meeting at one of your offerings. See someone spread their wings because of confidence they gained with your support.

And you remember why you chose this journey and can’t wait to continue…

Mac & Cheese Press

Mac & Cheese has garnered various press accolades over the years, most of it press that’s coming knocking on M&C’s door, which is all sorts of validating and lovely. Print, radio, TV. A diverse range of outlets.

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From Cheese-Its

No better way to understand Mac & Cheese’s impact than to hear from the people who’ve experienced it first hand.

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About specific offerings

You know M&C is wonderful. Hear how M&C’s XYZ is wonderful.

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Ready to bring Mac & Cheese to you?

You as an individual looking to make new connections, to learn, to stretch yourself, to make life easier, to find fulfillment. You as a group looking to inject inspiration, enhance professional skills, create a positive culture.

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