Where are the investors that care about this type of ROI?

UPDATE: A week after this goodness, this goodness happened. Grab kleenex. What is next week?!

I would like to make more money. I would like money deposited into my bank account every two weeks. I would like catered lunch and a matching 401K program and paid vacation. And and and.

That said.

If I made $1.5 gazillionbillion but never had my heart squeezed and tears brought to my eyes being told how I impact someone nor felt a sense of “THIS is why I do what I do,” that money wouldn’t mean anything.

My class at Loyola last week, Entrepreneurism: Charting Your Own Course (Even if you Don’t Know What Your Course Is), ended with us sharing goodness about each other. These were some of the most touching sentiments I’ve ever received. And these kiddies are 15, 16, 17 years old. HEART SQUEEZED.

Where are the investors who care about this type of ROI? I have a company and movement you’ll want to get behind.