Travel: Life of Yes℠ Italy

And that’s a wrap for Best Friend & Best Friend Do Italy.

17 days
9 hotels
8 cities (20+ if you count day trips)
3 “we don’t check luggage!” bags
95 happy pounds gained
0 minutes spent in the customs and security lines that were over an hour for almost everyone else
A dash of Italian — Prego! Busto! Basta! Ciao! Si! Buongiorno! Uscita! Treni! Biglietto! Vegano! Dove! Bene! Mi scusi! Conto! Permesso!
Too many trains and steps and stairs and favorite memories to count


Italy rocks.


When we heard people use phrases that we use ironically non-ironically. Imagine “Oh la la!” emitted from a child’s mouth as he exhaustedly reaches the top of a mountain. “Mamma mia!” exclaimed from a tiny elderly woman when looking up at the Sistine Chapel.


  • Bidets
  • Bathroom emergency cords


  • Professional soccer game
  • Bidet use
  • Turkish Bath use
  • Ordering from a Pillow Menu


  • a comprehensive, fast train system
  • gelato multiple times a day
  • everyone in linen and brightly colored New Balances and Saucony
  • restaurants patio chairs that all face the street
  • not having to cook
  • not having to tip
  • tiny cars
  • a clean room when we come home every day
  • lake life (which is ironic, seeing that I live on Lake Michigan; let’s just say, it’s no Como)
  • much more wandering and walking than computer/TV screening
  • Italian


  • wide, smooth sidewalks
  • flatness
  • police uniforms that didn’t make me giggle
  • free water
  • AC
  • pigeons that know their place
  • washer and dryer
  • free bathrooms
  • alleys
  • the grid system
  • large stores
  • large elevators
  • yoga
  • pretzels (Best Friend’s addition)
  • drivers that don’t nudge you across the street when you’re in the crosswalk and make you feel bad for walking
  • good customer service outside of hotels


Total “should’ve been” cost (lodging, flight, activities, food, trains, etc.) = $8500; total “post-hacking, actual” cost = $4500.

Fake Oprah signing off. Live your best life, y’all.

Got any Italy faves of your own? Love to hear ’em in the comments!

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