Thanksgiving lesson applicable to everyday life

We hosted early Thanksgiving last night. I knew I wanted nothing to do with cooking the turkey, both from a time and ick-standpoint (I cooked the turkey once; never again).
I am uber frugal and LOVE having money, saving money, not spending money. That said, there are ways to spend money that are 100% worth it.
Like the recipe I decided to go with for last night’s turkey.

Ingredients for the World’s Best Thanksgiving Turkey

1) Three weeks before Thanksgiving, walk 90 seconds to Smoke Daddy (popular Chicago BBQ joint) UPDATE: more and more people are doing this now so I’ve been going earlier each year as they’ve been selllng out; “order turkey” is now an October 1st recurring task
2) Chat with the friendly waitress and order a turkey
3) Say “Hell yes!” when she asks if you want it ready to go, hot and carved
4) Ten minutes before you need to serve it, walk 90 seconds to Smoke Daddy
5) Pick up turkey and walk 90 seconds back home
6) Serve turkey (Up to you if you’d like to let your guests think you made it)
7) Listen to others rave about the yumminess of the turkey
8) Dole out leftovers
9) Throw away pan
Realize your pain points and stressors.
Delegate where appropriate.
Don’t feel bad about said delegation.
Turkey was delicious and easy. As life should be.


Bonus lesson!

I was about to put out our rarely used wine glasses cause that’s what you do when you’re an adult. Fancify things. But I adore our wee bike glasses and they make me happy. So I used them instead.

Do what makes you happy.