Cleaning Crew Interest Form

Thanks for your interest in potentially joining us!
You should —
☆ enjoy and be good at cleaning and attention to detail
☆ live in the Chicagoland area (suburbs ok)
☆ have other income sources (this is meant to be supplemental)
☆ be interested in a permanent P/T gig (not something just for weeks or months; not a bandaid until XYZ)
☆ have a car (you can do it without but with locations all over and supplies, that can be a lot)
☆ be able to use and have access to your phone and email, Google Calendar, and Asana (it’s ok if you’re not familiar with or don’t yet have GC or Asana)
☆ have Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm availability (doesn’t have to be every day, every week; just some days, some weeks of a month)
☆ be punctual, dependable, and communicative, aka easy to work with
☆ be someone who doesn’t need managing
You can see the client facing cleaning page here to give you a good sense of being part of the Mac & Cheese Cleaning Crew — the vibe, services provided/not provided, etc.
If after reading above you’re possibly interested in joining the crew, fill out this brief form and if Mac & Cheese is interested in interviewing you, we’ll be in touch with additional detail about the position so you can choose if it’s a good fit.
Appreciate you!

Cleaning Crew Interest

  • Please make sure you type this correctly.
  • Please make sure you type this correctly. Cell phone preferred for texting reasons. If this is not a cell phone, please note that. Email and Asana will be the main form of communication if you're brought aboard the crew, phone is usually only used in time-sensitive scenarios.
  • Please be as specific as possible e.g. someone's name as opposed to "a friend" if that person knows Saya or if you heard about this via Saya, through what channel? Newsletter, social, conversation, etc. Preference given to direct/indirect connections to Saya.
  • If a suburb, what suburb?
  • Not required but does make it a lot easier on you, especially since you'll be carrying supplies.
  • It's assumed that if you choose "far burbs" that you mean ones by where you live. If this is an incorrect assumption, please note in the "Anything else to share" field.
  • Many clients have furry friends. Allergies? Fears?
  • Include what your work situation is that will allow you to take on jobs and what about this is appealing.