Mac & Cheese Chapters

Mac & Cheese Chapters are led by people selectively curated by Head Cheese-It Saya, people who lead Life of Yes℠ in their own way in their area of the world and are well equipped to bring Mac & Cheese goodness to their community.

To see chapter details, events, photos, and contact info, click on the applicable link below. If you don’t see a Chapter listed where you live, suggest one.

Chapters & Their Leaders

Arizona — Matilda Wormwood

Hawaii — Lucy Pevensie


  • Western suburbs — Anne Shirley
  • Bloomington — Laura Ingalls Wilder

Kansas — Elizabeth Bennet,

Kentucky — Ramona Quimby

Louisiana  — Nancy Drew

New York

  • NYC — Pippi Longstocking 
  • Buffalo — Claudia Kishi
  • Rochester — Francie Nolan

Massachusetts — Elizabeth Wakefield