Life’s To Do List, cont.

1 – 32

33. Learn how to put on makeup

34. Do England Coast to Coast trip (190 miles walking!)

35. Attend a professional soccer game in Europe, preferably in the UK

36. Attend a weekly trivia night at a bar

37. Read more books

38. Become someone who can cook without recipes and without looking frazzled when cooking for guests

39. Stop misspelling “recipe”

40. Make enough money to not feel horribly-guilty and broke after an occasional Whole Foods salad bar splurge

41. Take more day-trips, such as dune hiking and biking country trails

42. Have work showcased on walls of a coffeehouse

43. Become skilled at something that produces work that can be showcased on walls of a coffeehouse – if I framed my criteria lists, would that suffice?

44. Go on a double-date

45. Have a piece played on WBEZ/NPR (2006)