Eating a Jerry sandwich while kissing a Brit while writing a novel while doing the Ironman

Life’s To Do List (a work in progress):

  1. Go far away to college (Boston College, 1996-2000)
  2. Play “Mimi” in a production of RENT
  3. Perform a hip-hop dance routine with a group of other dancers on stage, in front of an audience (April 2010)
  4. Take improv classes (classes at io aka Improv Olympic, June 2008 – September 2009)
  5. Participate in Critical Mass (August 2009)
  6. Go to Ireland
  7. Eat every one of Jerry’s 158? sandwiches
  8. Go to London (August 2007)
  9. Live-band karaoke (Piece, ?)
  10. Be in a GAP commercial or ad
  11. See Sugarland in concert
  12. Go to Africa (Rwanda, August 2007)
  13. Do one thing a week by myself (on-going)
  14. Participate in Pecha Kucha (September 2009)
  15. Run a marathon (San Diego 2001, Chicago 2002, Chicago 2004)
  16. Publish a book
  17. Become an adult by purchasing a couch (August 2000)
  18. Become and stay self-employed (October 2005 – present)
  19. Kiss an Englishman
  20. Learn the guitar (lessons at Old Town School, 2001+)
  21. See Jon Stewart live, either stand-up or the Daily Show
  22. Finish the Ironman
  23. Have a documentary of mine play on PBS (Kind of fulfilled – American Idealist, Associate Producer, January 2008 – but want my own film to play on PBS)
  24. Do an urban adventure race (Urban Assault Race, September 2009)
  25. Play the guitar in public (30th birthday at the Globe Pub, October 2008)
  26. Do the Chiditarod (Spring 2009)
  27. Participate in Get Mortified
  28. Find housing that fits all my criteria (August 2009)
  29. Add website design to my services
  30. Start a retreat-planning business
  31. Pay off the car (December 2005)
  32. Become more adept at HTML

So much more, but I’m tired…  Goodnight Moon.