Other Ways to Mac & Cheese Yourself

Bring Mac & Cheese to You

First of all, if you live <—- OMG. Get. In. Touch. (Cinque Terre, Italy, Best Friend & Best Friend trip, May 2018)

But also, of course, if you live in non-Cinque Terre and want to bring Mac & Cheese to your corner of the world.

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Get Cheese-It Exposure

Mac & Cheese has built a business based on referrals and recommendations, both in giving and receiving. “A connector” is often the term anointed Head Cheese-It Saya. Cheese-Its listen to and act on M&C’s thumbs ups.

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Become a Mac & Cheese Partner

Individuals and organizations see and act on the value of being associated with Mac & Cheese.

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Become a Mac & Cheese Cheerleader

Beyond participating in offerings, sharing testimonials, and referring others, if you dig Mac & Cheese and its Life of Yes℠ mindset and output, you can become an official supporter.

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