Community Chat

If you nod to one, some, all of these, you should join us — 

  • Do you know you should “get out there” but staying home sounds better?
  • Does “networking” = awful, awkward, a waste of time?
  • Could you and friends use other options than “dinner and a movie” and “the bar”?
  • New to your area and looking for ways make home feel like home?
  • Been in your area forever and looking for new ways to explore?
  • Do you find it hard to make friends as an adult? Would you like more friends?
  • Are you tired of trying to impress others, of being someone who you’re not? Would you like to be yourself, around other people being themselves?
  • Are you only seen as a parent, spouse, job title? Have you lost yourself along the way?
  • Do you feel like a hamster in a hamster wheel, always moving but never getting anywhere?
  • Have you done everything you’re supposed to do yet still feel something is amiss?
  • Has fear kept you from [insert thing you want to do]?
  • Are you ready for a change (even if you’re not sure what that change is)?
  • Do you want to be inspired by everyday people?
  • Would you like to say YES more?
  • Would you like to be around people who say YES more?
  • Have you never heard of Mac & Cheese but are intrigued?
  • Have you heard of Mac & Cheese but aren’t sure what it is?

Community Chat

Friday, March 27th, Noon-1pm CST / Virtual / Free (registration required) / Facebook Event


Born in Chicago fifteen years ago, Mac & Cheese has expanded into twelve other areas — Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Connecticut, DC, Denver, Indianapolis, London, Madison, NYC & Long Island, Rochester, & the Twin Cities. As Life of Yes℠ spreads, we’re welcoming new faces and fist-bumping already in the club Cheese-Its. Curious what Mac & Cheese will look like in your area? Want to share what you’d like to see? How Mac & Cheese has impacted your life? Simply looking to be around positivity?

Join us for a free, low-key, “Together is better, even when we’re apart” gathering. You’ll hear from the Mac & Cheese creator on how and why Mac & Cheese started as well as from some of the Chapter Leaders on why they decided to bring Life of Yes℠ to their area, and why we collectively are driven to create space to connect to others, opportunities, and self. Spoiler alert: making friends as an adult is hard, we’ve all got imposter syndrome, none of us are always winning though Instagram says differently, and it’s really nice to be around those who lift up rather than those who tear down.