Mac & Cheese Chapters

Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is headquartered in Chicago. Its worldwide Chapters are led by selectively curated Cheese-Its, delicious people who lead their own Life of Yes℠ in their own way and are fabulously well-equipped to bring Life of Yes℠ to their corner of the universe — through in-person events such as speaker series, enjoyable networking (we swear, it exists!), and supper clubs, to virtual offerings such as online communities and classes. Offerings are wide-ranging but all have the common thread of creating a positive, supportive community which creates a space to take risks, make genuine connection, and feel good about yourself. To see what goodness is happening where, click on the applicable link below. If you don’t see a Chapter listed where you live, you can suggest one at the bottom of the page. If a Chapter already has a Chapter Leader, join as a member (Make sure you sign up on the specific Chapter page; don’t use the “Suggest a Chapter” form here) — Mac & Cheese loves new Cheese-Its!

Chapters & Their Leaders

Austin — Erin Wike 

Baltimore — Cheryl Bennett

Boston — Sean Scanlon

Connecticut — Lauren Rath

DC — Keri Christensen

Denver — Katy Flatau

Indianapolis — Lauren Makin

Chicago (HQ) — Saya Hillman

London — Carolyn Breit

Madison — Rachel Wendte

New York

Twin Cities — Suzi Hunn

Suggest a Chapter

If you don't hear back/if a Chapter isn't started where you suggest, don't take it personally! 0% to do with you and 100% to do with what's on Mac & Cheese's plate and calendar and Life of Yes℠ world domination plans. Know that you and your suggestion is MUCH appreciated. And that if/when an opportunity arises to make it happen, we'll be in touch. Keep on being fabulous.
  • Guarded by gaggles of foster puppies who will NEVER share your info without your permission.
  • City & State (and Country if outside the US)
    Being a Chapter Leader requires commitments from you: time, financial, and being a good human being — think of it like a licensing/franchising opportunity. Noting your interest in being a CL is not binding in any way. If an opportunity arises, more information will be shared with you and at that point you can decide if you're IN!. Due to all the inquiries, Mac & Cheese does not respond unless said opportunity exists and the response may be down the road, but know your interest was received and APPRECIATED.