A year later, I’m still sad. But less sad. And I have a tree.


A year ago, after an emotional and stressful month of learning that after 8 years, you SURPRISE! have 2 seconds to move, and striking out, showing after showing, including two offers we made that we lost at the last minute due to cash buyers, I randomly saw a listing before a full day of showings and asked our realtor to ‘add this one more.’

When we first pulled up, I saw and smelled this beautiful blossoming tree.
After writing one of those “Dear Seller, Pick us!” letters and getting in a bidding war with two other parties, we became first time homeowners. 
And now we own that beautiful tree.
The journey this past year is not one I would’ve chosen. I still miss Roscoe Village and the space where I met Best Friend, where so many others met their Best Friends, where we had our rehearsal dinner, where Mac & Cheese brought such joy and laughter to oodles of people.
But often in life you don’t get to pick your journey. So you choose how to react and continue living. I see you sadness and nostalgia, and it’s ok you’re there. Cause I also see our beautiful home, joy we’ve brought to others within these walls, and that tree. Our tree.
To being sad and being ok being sad, and then gradually, to being less sad, until one day, you realize the sadness has dissipated. And new branches are growing in its place.
If you need help buying or selling, we can’t say enough about Julie and Sara — realtor guardian angels. If you want to read all the gory details from the move, head here. And to see our new place, head here.