Why UPS Would Deliver a Drawing of Yourself to Your Door

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UPDATE: I’ve gotten tons of inquiries about where the caricature of us below was made.  Here you go!

While our ridiculous wedding wish has yet to find a Fairy Godmother, we a) are sans-stress, as neither Fiancé nor I feel the need to have to get married by a certain date so are plugging along with an optimistic, things have a way of working out attitude, and b) have been so surprised and incredibly humbled by the “I don’t have a mansion but I’d like to offer you ______” goodness from friends and strangers.  Truly truly heartwarming.

Sample of Goodness Others have Offered

  • Update – bride and groom teeth whitening
  • Update – wedding photography
  • Engagement photos photo session
  • Custom-made beer labels for wedding favors
  • Curate and host a fundraiser with proceeds going to the wedding fund
  • Custom-made wedding invitations
  • Downtown venue for a shower, bachelorette/engagement party, any smaller-type wedding affair

It’s also been heartwarming to see the reactions from people, like these from strangers who saw a Facebook post of a friend –

“I read this and love them even though I’ve never met them! I hope they get it!”

“(NAME), I don’t suppose you still maintain any ties to some really open-minded North Shore folks who think these people sound as fantastic as I think they sound, do you?”

And then this arrived in the mail, from a college friend of mine –

We couldn’t stop laughing and loving.

This whole uniting with your best friend thing is pretty nice.  Even if we end up getting hitched in our living room or the Trader Joe’s parking lot (I do love Trader Joe’s), the amount of goodness that’s already been showered upon us is enough to make the simple act of putting our wish out in the ether completely worth it.

Thanks Nice People.