Why let happiness sit in your wallet?

I am editing at my current favorite coffeehouse, Knock Box [see list of faves], and a woman ordered a delicious-looking sandwich.   Thick toasted whole grain bread, avocados, cheese, a cup of fresh fruit – that’s all I can decipher from my table.  The server brought it to her twenty-three minutes ago and there it sits, untouched! as she types away at what must be the cure for cancer because I can’t think of anything else that would keep her from inhaling that thing.   When it comes to food and gift cards, I lack the ability to wait.  Friends mention gift cards they’ve had for weeks or months and I stare at them incredulously.  I’m lucky if I can refrain from immediately running away from the gift-giver, yelling “Thank you!” over my shoulder, to go redeem a card.  Shopping is fun.  Shopping with other people’s money, oh my goodness.  I don’t think food has ever sat in front of me for longer than a minute, and if it has, it was probably because I was on a date in my younger dating days when I cared about first impressions and games and emitting attractiveness, and thus waited ninety-seconds before digging in so that he wouldn’t think I was a complete pig.  Now I could care less and run to meet my food as it’s brought out from the kitchen.