United States Postal Service, I heart you

I recently spent a day on the deck composing a gazillion Thank You notes, as many people in my life have been quite lovely recently.  It so happened that I was going to see about twenty of the gazillion a few days later.  It crossed my mind to save the time and expense of sending the notes, and just hand them over in person.  But I quickly nixed that idea.  There’s something so nice about mail.  I even prefer a mailed letter to a dropped-off letter.  The stamp, the postmark, the thought of the adventure it took to get to me.  And especially these days, when it’s all Evites and FB-vites, and when etiquette has dissipated to nill, handwritten snail-mail is just one of those wrap me in your arms and squeeze tight niceties.

Speaking of which, I just received a USPS Thank You note from a guy who recently attended a Mingler.  There was an audible “awwww” on my part.  So sweet.  Especially from a male, whose species don’t often travel the Thoughtfulness Path.  To be thanked for something that I do, yes because I enjoy helping people network, but also because it helps me pay the bills, so profusely, and not just by him but by many other Mingler guests often causes me to not know how to act.  So I’ll just say thank you.

I should probably say that via snail-mail.