This is how much I weigh.

I’ve been of the more-robust variety since third grade.  At my highest weight, I was sixty pounds heavier than I am now.

But I find no consolation in that.  That was a long time ago, this is now.

Two years ago, I worked really hard to get in shape.  Revamped my pantry, discovered yoga, stuck to workout and eating goals, and dropped twenty pounds in a common-sensical and healthy way.  Became the lightest I’ve been my entire adulthood.

Yet, I’m now ten pounds heavier than I was a year ago.

Nothing I’ve been doing is working, probably rooted in eating spoonfuls of dark chocolate peanut butter straight from the jar, with the justification that I bought it at Whole Foods, so it must be healthy.  My drive and will-power has dissipated.

So, in the spirit of a craving for health and all the positivity that comes with that, and in the spirit of a project I’m currently entrenched in, Fear Experiment… I’m 187 pounds.

See you in two weeks.