“The minute after Saya Hillman finishes her talk on Living a Life of Yes!, you feel like you are ready to take on the world with all your amazingness (good and bad). Through her passion, drive, and personal success story, Saya breaks down her secrets for living a happy and fulfilled life into bite-size pieces we can all implement. Between the stories and laughs you will be sure to have a couple of those ‘aha’ moments where the wheels in your head begin to turn and you feel like you now have gained needed tools to success. If you are ready to start taking the steps to turn the life that you always daydream about into your reality than Saya is the one to help get you there!”—Alexandra Eidenberg, eWomenNetwork

“Saya and Pete were great at the Ideation Conference. They had attendees at our intensive lab get out of their chairs for improv breakout sessions. Each session called on participants to break from their shells and get creative. Improv sessions are a great way to get conference attendees out of their comfort zone and find a commonality with other attendees. We can’t wait to work with them again.”—Jessica Schultz, Groupon

“Saya is fantastic. Her ‘Art of Un-Networking’ was one of the highlights of the SeedCon conference. It was great for the conference participants to have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and have genuine conversations with one another. Can’t wait to have her back next year!”—Sarah Press, University of Chicago’s SeedCon

“Saya embodies the true entrepreneurial spirit. Hearing her speak awoke new entrepreneurial ideas and possibilities in everyone. She had has laughing in our seats, dancing to the beat of our own drum and saying absolutely! to a Life of Yes!”—Althea McIntyre, The Best Career For Me

“Saya’s energy is contagious. She’s the perfect speaker for any organization interested in re-energizing a group to follow their passion or work towards a team goal.”—Hope Bertram, Digital Megaphone