From Participants’ Loved Ones

“It was just the jolt she needed to get out of complacency.”

From Participants

“The Life of Yes retreat was an amazing weekend.  Saya and Frank were amazing facilitators, the location was serene, and the accommodations were perfect.  The time spent was well balanced between the hard work that goes into personal growth along with plenty of fun and play.  The most rewarding aspect of the weekend was the amazing new friendships that were created.  I would recommend it to anybody who is looking to continue to grow in every way.”

“I signed up for the LOY retreat because I was feeling alone and “stuck” in my life; I figured some positivity and motivation could help. As the retreat grew near, I became increasingly afraid that, in my current “stuck” headspace, I wouldn’t fit in with the ultra-positive, extroverted go-getters that were bound to be there. I was afraid I’d bring the group down… Lucky for me, LOY turned out to be full of people that, yes, were positive and motivated, but were also “real.” Everyone was generous about sharing what was making them feel stuck, inadequate or afraid, and each person did so with such honest, pure intention to improve their own lives and genuine care for everyone else. It was also far from being a gripe-fest. In other words, people weren’t sitting around, either offering up motivational poster slogans or trying to one-up each other’s woes or virtues. Instead, it was suddenly having 11 people you could talk to about everything and anything, without embarrassment or shame, and who care enough to understand and give you the time, encouragement, perspective and humor needed to provide motivation and hope that lasts beyond the initial “retreat high.”

“LOY Retreats – you get an email telling you to show up at Saya’s place and that you will be going to ‘somewhere magical Michigan’ for a weekend in a big white van.  You have no idea who is going, what exactly you will be doing, and what it will be like, but that is all part of the experience!  At first, I was a little anxious about showing up, but after meeting everyone and once everyone started opening up and making connections (thanks especially to the awesome facilitators and activities) the atmosphere changed to feel way more comfortable and fun!  The weekend flew by and I left feeling re-charged, with some great new friends, and a refreshed perspective on life!”