Taking my fish to the park

Every time I go past a dog park, I get jealous.  I don’t want a dog – smelly, pricey, needy, shed-dy.  But look at all those dog-owners, they look so fun!  Standing in their circle, in hats with dangling ear flaps and matching scarves, rosey cheeks kissed by the biting fresh air, laughing teeth and friendly arm punches.  I want to stand in your circle too and make new connections, share funny stories, and concoct plans to get grab a drink.  I want to take a break in conversation to lovingly gaze at my dog it plays with your dog, and then turn back to discussing parking meters or the audacity of Tiger Woods.  It’s so unfair.  Love me too!

I consider buying a fish and bringing him to the park.  I nix that idea when I think about the work involved in tapping fish food into the tank and remember how much I abhor fish.

I wonder if they’d let me into the circle if I brought one of my plants to the park.