Strangers in matching unitards unite in challenging themselves

I try to do a few things a year that scare me/challenge me.  Sample past ventures:

  • Marathons
  • Play guitar in public for first and last time, in front of seventy-five friends for two hours at the Globe Pub
  • Improv class

To cross an item off my To Do List, and because I lack rhythm, especially in front of a crowd, but love music, dancing, and socializing in unconventional ways, I created the Dance Experiment.

The Dance Experiment: Eighteen people, who don’t know each other – I know all of them but none of them know one another – and who lack dance skills will work with a choreographer four hours a week, for twelve weeks, learning dance routines in preparation for a performance in front of everyone they know.

Have two rehearsals under our belt.  If dance ability relies on continual laughter and clapping for one another, we’re golden; if it relies on moving to the music, not watching your feet or mouthing “1, 2, 3, 4,” doing steps in unison, and knowing left from right, well…  The choreographer said to me, “Just pretend you’re walking.”  I paused to remember how to walk.

Why I love this – the participants!

  • Diversity: ages 17 to 38, pharmacist to culinary student to tech consultant to school counselor, Highland Park to Humboldt Park, connection to me > volleyball, volunteering, Boston College, improv, family, Minglers, karaoke, teaching, video, guitar, underground supper club
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Willingness to make fools of ourselves
  • Ease at which we interact with one another
  • How we clap for everything

April 9th.  Mark that down.  It will be the best day of your life.